My daughter's new creative corner

Even during my absence, I have continued to take photos and mentally compose posts, some of which I'm planning to share with you. Today, I would like to show you a new space my four-year-old daughter and I carved out in her room for her to write, draw and dream.

It is here where I can often find her, drawing away. The other day, she and her six-year-old brother took turns sitting at her little desk as they collaborated on a small book they created about a little boy who goes to school. She drew the illustrations and he wrote the story to go with it.

I can honestly say that this lovely corner was my daughter's idea. A few weeks ago, I was all set to rearrange furniture in her room. When I last wrote, I told you that I would be redoing my kids' rooms to reflect the fact that they are older and their interests are changing. Essentially, we are moving away from the toddler stage and into the early school years. Of course, I consulted my kids regarding paint colors, artwork, etc. but thought I knew enough about their tastes and habits to do the major planning on my own. Wrong!

On the morning of the big day of moving furniture around, I handed my daughter the book "Children's Rooms Stockholm" (Jeu de Paume). I was hoping she would find something to inspire a new arrangement in her room and keep her busy as I began taking all the furniture out of her room. Instead, she came running up to me saying, "I like this!" she said, pointing to a picture of a girl's small desk. "Can I have this?"

Hmmm, how to explain that I hadn't planned on buying any new furniture? I was momentarily stumped, wondering if The Big Reorganization of My Daughter's Room had hit a snag. Thankfully, I found a simple solution. Some of you may remember reading here about the small Ikea table/desk that I painted and decoupaged after finding it for five dollars at a thrift store. I originally placed the table in my office as a space for my four-year-old daughter to use when we were both in there, which frankly turned out to be sporadic. Thanks to my daughter's inspired suggestion, this little table has now found a new home in a corner of her room.

After seeing my daughter's new space, my son decided it was time for him to get a new desk. Stay tuned ...



Heather said...

Welcome back! This looks adorable! She'll have so much fun there...can't wait to see the creative projects she comes up with!

CACHANILLA73 said...

Great idea! my kids will love a corner like that!

Inspire my house pretty said...

so lovely x

Jaime Lyn at Crafty Scrappy Happy said...

what a beautiful space! I think that is SO cool that you made her such a special place!!! :o)
Jaime from crafty scrappy happy
ps thank you for linking up!!!

Heartfire At Home said...

Hey Minnie, that's gorgeous. Love the colours, and anywhere where there's a map looks good I reckon!

Linda. x

Jana said...

That is so pretty, I've added it to my pinspire, hope that's OK.

Minnie said...

Jana, Yes, of course! Thank you for visiting and becoming my latest follower. I appreciate it.

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