A $5 table transformed

In recent months, I've noticed that I've done less and less work in my home office. As much as I've done to make the room a colorful and inviting place to work, I simply don't spend much time in there because it's not a place where my two young kids can play without getting bored quickly. I knew I needed to add a few more things to make the room inviting for my kids, too. To the rescue: a $5 table bought at a thrift store that I converted into a place where my kids can play and create their own arts and crafts.

The best part for me? I decided to write some passages from a Pippi Longstocking book on the table, as a sweet introduction for my kids to one of my favorite fictional characters.

I was waiting for the "perfect" antique or vintage table to show up someplace cheap, but my urge to get back into my office soon won out. Honestly, I thought the used Ikea LÄTT table at five dollars was a bit pricey but it was perfect for my needs.

Before: Here is the table when I brought it home.

Here is the table after I sanded it lightly and painted it with primer. I'm normally inclined towards lots of color, but the white primer in this case looked quite soothing so I decided to paint the table white instead of a bright color, as I originally planned.

I considered decoupaging the top of the table with a collage of Amy Butler stationery sheets I have.

Instead, I fell in love with this gift wrap paper I bought long ago for a special gift or project. These were the paints I originally considered for the table.

Here's the finished table. In the end, I painted the inside of the table legs a bright pink color to add some pizazz and so that the lettering would stand out more. I paired the table with a kids' vintage bistro chair I bought before my daughter was born and a little stepstool we use as a bench.

Here is the lettering up close. To save time, I painted the lettering directly on the table without measuring (!!) or writing in pencil first and the table is less than perfect as a result, but I'm happy with the overall look.

When he saw the table, my four-year-old son asked me to read the words. He giggled uproariously when he heard this phrase ("She tossed the pancake halfway up to the ceiling.") and wanted to hear more, so he reached over for the book and asked me to read to him. Perhaps he's another Pippi fan in the making? I've got my fingers crossed!

Now, I'm working on rearranging some shelfs, probably adding some art supplies and a few building toys for my kids.

By the way, the little bookshelf full of kids' books that is standing against those closet doors was destined for a garage sale, since I've had it for a while and hadn't found a place for it. Its new home works for now since I rarely open that closet but it is quite easy to move around if I need to do so.

Here's what my office now looks like, the red chalkboard and kids' sitting area hopefully creating an enticing and entertaining area for my kids so we can all work and play together happily.



Tina said...

Minnie this table is just stunning!!! I LOVE it. I love the gorgeous paper and the handwritten passages from Pippi Longstocking are amazing! You clever lady. How incredibly special is this table for your children! Made with so much love from their Mum!!! LOVE the book shelves across the closet doors, don't you dare sell them in a garage sale, unless I can get there of course, they are fantastic! I bet you and your gorgeous children will be spending a LOT more time in your office now:) A truly fantastic makeover - Tina XX

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

So clever! I LOVE it!

Heather said...

The table came out great! I love it! And the Pippi Longstocking quotes are great along the sides. It's a terrific transformation!

CACHANILLA73 said...

Very cute, I love the colors in your office, specially that Frida Kahlo painting.

monkeyandsquirrel said...

this children's room is absolutely adorable!


a super, gorgeous and well done award goes out to minnie on the adorable table makeover...

this prize was awarded by Creative Carmelina!

looking for your follow button...


For Your Inspiration said...

What a fabulous and inspiring idea!

Kristin @ Contented Me said...

That little table is so lovely! And that you chose to write lines from Pippi, one of my favorites, just made me smile from ear to ear. I just bought the book for my niece. Hoping she loves her just as much as I do!

Sharona said...

I see new businesses in our future -- I can make mosaic lawn animals, and you can make inspiring kids craft tables. We'll sell them at farmers markets and art fairs!

corine said...

Lovely! you're a talented woman

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