Summer vacation begins with trip to antique fair

We kicked off our first weekend of summer vacation with a trip to the local antique fair that takes place once a year. I took my mom, the kids and hubby with me this year. Our little group gets bigger every year thanks to great sandwiches, live entertainment, train exhibits and an art show, in addition to the great antiques. 

It was a great start to summer because my list of things to do this summer is suddenly overwhelmingly long. Most of the tasks involve keeping the kiddos busy and happy while they're enjoying a few weeks off from homework, but squeezing in a few hours of creative time for me is equally important to maintaining balance. Going to the antique fair was a great way to squeeze in a little bit of everything for everyone, hopefully setting the stage for what I hope will be a terrific summer.

I didn't buy much because I'm still trying hard to cut down on the clutter in our home, but I enjoy antique fairs because I love seeing old objects and seeing new ways to use or enjoy them. The chair above caught my eye because I admire the way the owner mixed two very different fabrics, in style, texture and print, to give it a new look. I've yet to re-upholster a big piece of furniture but I'm certain the chair will inspire a future project of mine. 

We were fortunate to enjoy weather that was perfect for browsing comfortably as long as we wished, which meant noticing things that I might've passed over had I been in a hurry. Living about an hour from the coast means I often come across seashells while shopping, which I usually ignore but I sure was coveting the little tray below because someone had painstakingly classified each seashell in English and Latin. Nearby was a table full of old tools, which invariably remind me of my dad and how much he loved working with his hands. Honestly, I prefer old tools and other vintage items to something bought brand new because I enjoy imagining the objects' previous lives. How were they used? Who used them?  

My curiosity definitely gets the better of me, but there's another reason I often prefer to buy older items. As I'm sure you've noticed, most stores that sell home goods (including Target and Ross)  carry replicas of antique and vintage decorative accessories, like locker baskets. I confess I sometimes consider buying a new item with a fake vintage patina, but I find that the newer products are usually not as well made. For now, at least, I'm sticking to the real thing. 



Razmataz said...

Your chair is beautiful Minnie...nicely shaped.

I am with you, I just can;t buy the

Mary C. Nasser said...

Glad I'm not the only one whose list for summer gets long. :)
Looks like a wonderful time!!

Wishing you all the best,
Mary (from BYW 2.0)

Minnie said...

Hi Mary, I'm so happy to see you here. You will not believe it but I was just browsing your blog yesterday, admiring your art and reading about your doggie, your travels to Nice and your creative adventures. Thanks so much for visiting! Minnie

Lisa@celebrate CREATIVITY said...

Hi Minnie, popping over from BYW2 for a visit.

I love to browse antique markets. There's always some sweet treasure just waiting to be found with my name on it.

See you in class,


Anonymous said...

I also prefer to buy older items - we already throw away too much, how great is it when others can still use it?! i sell a lot on the internet and am constantly amazed about what people find still useful ;-) have a great day!! Ulli (from BYW)