Etsy finds: stylish oilcloth accessories

Sure, I know oilcloth is not the first fabric that many of you think of when you're buying home accessories, but I think the laminated fabric adds such a distinctive touch that's hard to resist.

My latest search for oilcloth was spurred by the adorable bike pannier I blogged about last week. I just couldn't get it off my mind and I wondered what other cute oilcloth items people were creating. Of course, I did most of my searching on Etsy because I like to support independent artists and crafters. What I came up with shows just how sophisticated oilcloth has become:

Banners are all the rage these days, but this party banner definitely tops the list for me as an attractive and durable option for all those summer parties. Forget using paper streamers that end up in the trash. This banner, which can become a fun yard or patio accessory for the summer, is made by Etsy seller Modern June, a homeschooling mom of two who was formerly a costumer for film and theatre.


This oilcloth pillow from Etsy seller Chalkydoodles really took my breath away. It looks just like regular fabric but with the added feature of being more resistant to the elements. Plus, it adds such a distinctive touch to outdoor decor. Don't you think?

Chalkydoodles also had these adorable oilcloth and chalkboard label tags in stock. These are great for adding pretty touches to your organizing projects or to give as reusable gift tags.

Sewing Momma has outdone herself with these stylish oilcloth bins that are perfect for so many things. Organizing in playrooms, dens or family rooms, kitchens, bathrooms. I first wrote about Sewing Momma's Sarah Latimer of Denver last year in a post about earth-friendly gifts for kids shortly after she launched her Etsy shop featuring eco-friendly bins, some made with Amy Butler fabrics. The mother of four has since grown her business tremendously, offering pretty bins in a variety of styles and sizes.

Somehow, I'm drawn to kids' ottomans or pillow cushions that double as seating for kids. I've seen them at so many online and discount stores but never in oilcloth, obviously a great fabric for kids. This oilcloth floor cushion is made by Etsy seller Stitches from the South, a grandmother of seven.

Yes, I'm still pining for that bike pannier but this oilcloth bike pouch from Etsy seller partyfavorsparties is a great alternative for those short bike rides when you only need to take your keys or other small items.

I'll take one of these lovely oilcloth three-ring binders in every color, please! I've got a few organizing binders around the house for various projects and am always on the lookout for pretty covers. These stylish binder covers are removable in case the binder itself wears out, you can just pop it right over another binder.

Rachel Bode Tucker, the creative force behind rbt Bags, is a mom of five boys who says in her Etsy profile that she discovered oilcloth while searching for inexpensive, stylish and practical products for her family. Working on a borrowed sewing machine, this creative mom began whipping out everything from key fobs to checkbook covers to tote bags.

Her store description aptly describes the virtues of oilcloth: "We try to use our resourcefulness to create products that add whimsy to people’s lives without sacrificing practicality or sophistication."



Razmataz said...

I think it is a great and practical fabric. That banner would be very sweet hanging in the garden.

Kelly McCants said...

Thanks for all the oilcloth love!

Modern June!

Tina said...

I love oilcloth, such a parctical choice, especially if you have little kids or for outdoors! I have just purchased some to cover the top of our eldest daughter's desk. I love all of these fabulous Etsy finds Minnie, thank you for sharing! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend my dear friend ~ Tina xx

CACHANILLA73 said...

Oh my, all those ideas are wonderful... oilcloth is so colorful it brings memories from my childhood, we used it in our dining table. My favorite are the baskets..

Heather said...

Those are such cute things! I especially like the baskets and the little bike pouch.

Creamy White said...

Hi Minnie, you brought something about my past that i was almost forgeting! I remember my firs apron on Kindergarten and it was made from oilcloth!
Lovely, dear!
I also have an Award for you if you want! it's on my last post.
Hope you are haveing a lovely week,

Minnie said...

Razmataz, It would be lovely to see one of these banners adorning one of your wonderful garden parties.

Tina, I would love to see your daughter's desk when it's finished. I think it adds such a nice festive touch to the usually somber task of studying.

Cachanilla and Creamy White, I'm so glad I was able to bring back some nice memories with this post. It is amazing how something so simple can evoke such strong feelings.

Thank you all for the nice comments. Minnie

dining room table said...

These are so amazing. It is one useful creation. I love the colorful designs. I love biking and I think I need one pouch bag for my bike.

Joyce aka Miss CycleStyle said...

Great finds! From what I can tell, all of the oilcloth used in the products are from Dutch company Kitsch Kitchen, which imports Mexican oilcloth and designs products using the cloth (including our pink bike panniers you featured last week).

Joyce aka Miss CycleStyle