Kids' nooks: Handmade with love, from France

What happens when you don't own a television? Well, for the super-crafty and imaginative Camille Binet in France it means that all sorts of fanciful handmade goodies start pouring out of her sewing studio.

Countless of Camille's creations, along with antique and flea market finds, resulted in the creation of a dreamy bedroom for her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Anouk. The best part for me is the wonderful reading nook that she's created for Anouk, complete with a set of pillows spelling out the French word for "read," lire.

Anouk's reading corner is a perfect debut of my occasional series of kids' reading nooks around the world, where we take a look at where kids like to cozy up with their favorite picture or chapter books. Anouk's nook is simple, yet oozes with the sort of whimsy that most children adore. You can read all about how I created my daughter's own reading nook here.

I'm endlessly fascinated with the lifestyles and style of moms everywhere, but what really makes my heart sing is each time I realize that we're really all the same because we all aspire to the same goals for our kids regardless of what country we call home. Kids' reading nooks seem to me the perfect illustration of that since so many of us believe reading is the best building block to success and an enlightened life for our kids.

Here is another side of Anouk's bedroom. The wonderful playhouse was crafted by Camille's mom, a testament to the fact that craftiness and talent run in the family. It will be interesting to see Anouk's creations, which I'm sure will be forthcoming soon.

Here is Anouk reading one of her mom's craft books, which she firmly tells her mom, "Non!" she is not ready to hand it over!

les petites bricoles d'Anouk
by LilaCam

If you're wondering what she's reading, it's "Mes Petites Bricoles" by Isabelle Kessedjian. Click here to find out more about the book (sorry it's in French).

E-mailing with Camille and reading over her beautiful blog, Lila Fanfreluche, I had a chance to practice my limited French skills as I read all about her sewing adventures and other crafty tales. Sadly, my French is not up to par for a full-fledged interview or I would showcase her creations further. Camille told me she uses an online translation service but I found myself giggling uproariously when I did the same and translated my French writings (ie. the translation said I signed off on my e-mail to Camille with "your girlfriend in California" when I'd intended to end with an amicable "your friend in California") Either my French is horrible or the translation service does limited translations. Probably both!

Earlier this year, Camille celebrated the two-year anniversary of her blog, which now is counted among the top 40 in Europe. It's easy to see why when you begin perusing her archives. Though some knowledge of French or even a translation service would be helpful, the photos of Camille's beautiful creations are worth a visit to her blog just to enjoy the visual loveliness. The credit for discovering Camille's wondrous world goes to Sam, a mom in Sweden, who blogged about her studio here.

As they say in French, la maman et le bebe sont très jolies! The photo of Camille and her daughter was taken when Anouk was younger.

Images courtesy Lila Fanfreluche.



mamaloves said...

Love the reading nook. Thanks for sharing these different ideas. I love seeing the inside of other peoples home. It's so inspiring. Look forward to catching up late next week;)

Lila fanfreluche said...

Thank you for this beautiful article! You quite understand my world and I thank you for your attention, everything is documented and your french is very correct! I hope there will be other opportunities to exchange mails. See you soon. Camille.