A bright, modern kid's room

Not much was on the agenda for us this weekend so I caught up on some housework (not fun but satisfying) and some blog reading (fun and satisfying). I looked at so many beautiful images, but the room below really captured my attention. I thought I would share it with you as we start a new week of decorating and crafting adventures.

Surprisingly, what I love most about this room that I found via hello lovely inc. are the white walls, which create a perfect canvas for any color combination. In this case, great big pops of red and green make the room come alive. The colors are not ones I would usually put together, but I ended up doing so recently to satisfy my son's request for more green in his room. I promise to share soon!

That pegboard wall certainly had me agape. Sheer genius and pure style. I wish there was a way to incorporate such a wall into my family room to contain all the kid clutter.

The rest of the home, located in Stockholm, is equally breathtaking. Go take a look at it at here at Sotheby International Realty. You won't regret starting your week by looking at such bright and inspiring rooms.


Heartfire At Home said...

That is the nicest children's room I've seen in a long time. I love circle rugs by the way! I have about 7 in my own home - big and small. Just call me a big kid!

Linda. xox

Bridget said...

This gives me envy to re-paint everything in white!!(White as a dream of brightness without chocolate fingers hints)Wonderful pictures!!

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