Wishing you a productive week

Hello friends,

I'm feeling energized and ready to start a new week after a fun and restful weekend. As I write this, my family room is littered with toys and other kid paraphernalia that I chose not to pick up in order to claim this weekend as my own. On Saturday, hubby graciously volunteered to watch the kids while I took a train to downtown Los Angeles to enjoy a few hours with my best friend in the trendy Larchmont area.

She and I browsed through all the cute shops, where I soaked up the styling inspiration. Library, a clothing shop styled with antique and vintage elements was one that particularly caught my eye. Even the train ride home was relaxing since I had a chance to read through the latest issue of Canadian House and Home.

On Sunday, I had planned to pick up the kids' mess but instead was woken up by hubby who urged me to get out of bed so I could catch a few good garage sales he'd spotted near our house. I had a lovely weekend, indeed, thanks to a great hubby who knows all of my favorite things.

Come Monday, I will be ready to whip the house back into shape and continue work on a few things, including refurbishing a thrift store find and finishing a piece of writing I began on the train ride to Los Angeles. Did you have a good weekend? Do you have any exciting projects you're working on this week?

I hope you have a terrific and productive week.




Razmataz said...

Hi Minnie...sounds like a fabulous weekend. Isn't this issue of House and Home wonderful!.

Minnie said...

Chania, I'm finding lately that ALL their issues are becoming indispensable with so many great features and unique ideas. I can no longer just thumb through the magazine at the bookstore and get my fill. Also, it's one of the more affordable foreign magazines around here.

Heather said...

Sounds like a great weekend!
To answer your question...so far the chalkboard paint boards have been fine outside, even after a few rainstorms. I'm not sure how long it will last, but I can always repaint if necessary! They're easy to make...you should have some too! Good luck!

Torrie said...

Wow... I agree with you on the 'husband part!' I spent most of my day away on Friday (working out, shopping, lunch), and it was so incredibly nice to start the weekend (the summer) off in that way. I felt refreshed and re-energized, ready to take on the incredible amount of laundry that awaited.

I too feel excited about a productive (and fun) week :).

As per your comment today, I will definitely share some crock pot recipes. And I understand completely about the video games. We put off the Wii for as long as possible (until Jacob was almost 13!). It is tough when all of their friends (and family members) have every video game system known to man. But, like you- I'm going to work hard to show them that there is so much more fun (outside of the "game world") to be had!

Sharona said...

I also spent a delightful Saturday with my best friend.

Seema Persaud, H&H Web Promotions Editor said...

Refurbishing a thrift store find? That sounds great! Glad you found time to read the magazine while on the train. :) —S

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