Lucky Kids magazine: Modern kids' rooms

With the kids out of school for the summer, updating their rooms before they return to classes is a priority on my list. I figure summer is a perfect time to make some minor changes that will better reflect new hobbies and interests my kids have acquired as they've gotten a bit older.

I don't plan on making any major changes but I would like to incorporate some minor touches to give the rooms a more modern and cohesive look. I recently happened upon the debut issue of Lucky Kids, Lucky magazine's first issue for kids. The magazine's spread on kid-friendly decor immediately caught my eye for the stylish yet streamlined rooms they featured.

Serene is the first word that comes to mind when I look at the playroom above, though I would not usually associate playrooms with a sense of serenity. OK, so the room doesn't belong to an actual kid. At least the magazine didn't say it did. I should note that the magazine enlisted the talents of prop stylist Kendra Smoot to create the playroom with a woodland theme. As a mother of two young kids, I think the look is a realistic one to emulate. The natural yet bright colors just draw me in and the window shades give the room a wonderfully dreamy look.

The room above has some great imaginative features, so it may not be surprising to learn that it belongs to the son of a fashion designer. Among other things, fashion designer Lela Rose created the colorful quilt on her son's bed out of his favorite childhood T-shirts and used rubber bands to give a new look to a worn Eames chair. The quirky headboard is one I would enjoy having as my own.

Simplicity was the name of the game when it came to designing the nursery above. Architect Elizabeth Roberts told the magazine that the room is a temporary abode for her son until he is old enough to move to a bigger room, a reminder that though we put much thought into our nurseries the time will come soon enough when it's time to make some changes.

One thing I'm definitely looking forward to doing in this latest round of changes to my kids' rooms is involving them a bit more in the process since both of them are old enough to voice preference for decor that goes beyond just color as they did in the past.

Do you have any decorating projects you would like to complete this summer? I'd love to hear about them.


Images: Lucky Kids


My Hideaway said...

I love all these rooms! The thing that struck me about the playroom (and perhaps part of the reason it looks so nice) is a distinct absence of bright plastic toys everywhere. I like that they used a lot of natural wood, but I don't think it would stay looking like that for long if kids actually played there.

We're moving to a new apartment soon, and I'm using it as an opportunity to clean out things and hopefully buy a few new things for the new place. Our budget will be tight because moving itself is expensive, but hopefully I'll be able to buy some new prints or a few decorative pieces.

Thrifted Treasure said...

Looks like a fab magazine! Will go and have a look, thanks for sharing! I dread having to move on from the cute vintage look we currently have in our playroom to what they will inevitably want when they're older - football posters etc yuk!

Karena said...

Minnie thank you so much for sharing and so good to find you!!

Art by Karena

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Minnie said...

Hi Karena,

Welcome and thanks for your comment. I'm off to check out your art.


Heartfire At Home said...

Ooh, I seem to be seeing chevron patterned rugs everywhere I look at the moment! I'm going to have to get one! What a great magazine, the rooms are really classy. Love the patterned paper on the front of the drawers, the colours, and of course the world map in that last pic!

I wish it was Summer over here. I'd love to be staring down the barrel of a whole Summer of fun. I love the way you get the whole season off over there. (That is how it works isn't it? The whole 3 months of summer off?) We don't get that over here. We do get 5 weeks off over Summer, but I'd love more so I could make the most of it!


Linda. xox

Jenn said...

These rooms are beautiful! I love the playroom in the first photo. You're right it's serene, and yet still fun and kid-like. Can't wait to hear about the changes you're making :)

Amanda said...

What fun youll have, especially being able to involve your children more in the decorating decisions. I love that nursery above. I'm in the middle of changing my daughter's room from a nursery to a 'big girls room' so that is my priority project at the moment and then I'll be able to move onto the nursery. Looking forward to seeing what you go with x

Kristin said...

those floor the ceiling bookshelves are fantastic! (though I can definitely picture my son trying to climb them so maybe not so great in his room.)

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