Magazine files: The ultimate family home

Today, I found inspiration in the pages of ReadyMade magazine. I'm not about to get out my power tools or embark on any hardcore DIY projects, but I do appreciate the magazine's can-do aesthetic, especially when it features a great home belonging to a family in South Africa.

Check out the toys crammed in the corner next to the door in the photo above. I love this room for the way all the seemingly disparate items come together in such a well-composed manner. So often, I see interiors magazines featuring family homes showing cute, smiling children but only one toy in the entire photographic spread. Of course, few of us go to interiors magazines to see messy houses strewn with toys but many of us are looking for ideas on ways to incorporate our kids' belongings (all of them, not just one toy) into our decor.

The home belonging to Morné and Kerryn Fischer, shown in the June/July 2010 issue of ReadyMade magazine, immediately caught my eye because it provides so many great examples of a beautifully decorated family home. Perhaps it's no surprise that the couple works in creative fields. I'm sure Kerryn's expertise as the former South African editor of ELLE Decor came in handy during the remodeling and decorating phases.

As you may remember, I usually gravitate towards rooms with lots of color, but this home shows us how a simple palette allows an eclectic assortment of belongings to shine. The bright kitchen above looks like a great place to work in while the kids run around (though not near the stove! ... as I tell my children).

Again, the simple elements of the entry above are put together in such a way that it creates a cozy and welcoming entry, someplace where I imagine you could come home and kick your shoes off while perusing the mail.

I could really go on and on about how this home had me practically taking out my magnifying glass as I admired everything in it.

I don't know whether the dark gray walls in the bedroom above had wallpaper on them or simply chalkboard that had been painted over in a pattern. Either way, it gives me a great idea for something new to do with the chalkboard wall in my kitchen. This magazine spread is brimming with so many great ideas for a family home that it's going right at the top of my inspiration file on family homes.

Don't you just love it when you come across a home that completely mirrors what you're trying to achieve in your own home?



Razmataz said...

I LOVE that first house Minnie. Love the white wall and the art.

Sharona said...

I see a whole new series on Youtube videos: Tool Time Decorating with Minnie.

Inspire my house pretty said...

loving this house so rustic x

Heartfire At Home said...

This is a great home. Neutral colours, yes... but also some great injection of colour here and there like those great hanging lights!

I studied that wallpaper (or whatever it is) in the last pic for quite a while, wondering if it actually WAS wallpaper or chalkboard paint with patterns drawn on it etc, and then scrolled down to read you were wondering too - lol! Either way, I found it quite fascinating.

I've never heard of Ready Made before. I don't think we get it over here. I took around the site you linked to, and it looks very interesting.

Linda. xox

My Hideaway said...

That house is gorgeous! I love all the natural light wood furniture combined with darker greys, and pops of yellow and green against the white walls. It does look very cozy, doesn't it?

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