Before and after: Tiny craft cabinet

So here we are with just a few weeks to go before the year ends. This is when I begin to assess my goals, which just means a lot of thinking and, when I remember, madly writing down lists. Lately, I've been thinking I want and need to do more crafting with my kids and on my own.

Now that my five-year-old is in school, time seems to be on even shorter supply and the months are whizzing by. Last year, I put together "art boxes" for my kids that consisted of decorated fishing tackle boxes filled with all sorts of crafting goodies. My kids use these boxes every day for creations of their own and those we make together.

My own craft supplies are mostly stored in my writing room, (somewhat) organized into wooden and metal drawers. But we all know that out of sight means out of mind so I decided to put some of my favorites in a more visible place. I repurposed one of my thrift finds into a new tiny craft cabinet that now hangs in my writing room.

The cabinet really is quite tiny, but has just enough room for some of my favorite supplies at the moment and adds a nice pop of color in my office. Not that I need more color, but I've been craving something different other than my usual fuschia-yellow-orange-red combo. I love knowing what colors make me feel good, but it also feels refreshing to get out of my color rut.

This cabinet gives me so much joy, especially knowing I paid only $2 for it at a thrift store. I forgot to take a before shot of it before I removed some chicken wire that was attached on the doors instead of window panes. I rather like it without the chicken wire because it allows me to see what's inside better.

By the way, sorry for my messy bookcase, but I removed some books during the decluttering phase a few weeks ago and need to organize and restyle the entire bookcase now.

Strangely, I'd been craving some turquoise in my home, but even a color junkie like me has to start in small doses when it comes to a bright new color. Two sheets of whimsical Martha Stewart scrapbook paper added the perfect finishing touch to my new crafting cabinet. I am able to fit a few of my favorite crafting supplies, just enough to stoke my imagination and make me want to sit down and craft for a bit. Just what I need.

I hope you have a wonderfully creative weekend. The Thanksgiving holiday last week lulled me into a relaxed mode that I've finally shaken off. Good thing because I just realized Christmas is three weeks away!



Amanda said...

What a gorgeous little cabinet - can't believe you only paid $2 for. I loved the way you've given it a fresh, bright new look.

Razmataz said...

What a sweet little cabinet. Perfect for all those little bits. As usual Minnie you gave it charm and made it unique.

vanessa @ silly eagle books said...

So many wonderful things in this post! I love that you have a writing room, finding just the right thing at at thrift store for $2--always a joy--and I love the turquoise! The beautiful letters spelling "write" are perfect. Where did you find them?

Minnie said...

Thanks for the nice words. So good to hear, or read.

Vanessa, I got those letters at Anthropologie. They always have a set and change out the fabrics about once a year and the old ones go on sale, I think from $12.95 to $7.95. I just love that store and their spectacular sales.

CACHANILLA73 said...

Oh my!! just 2 dlls!!! that is a great deal. It turned out just gorgeous.

Heartfire At Home said...

Minnie, Minnie, Minnie!!!! So many gorgeous things to look at in this post. The cabinet (an absolute steal for the price you paid) is amazing! I LOVE turquoise, such a happy and joyous colour.

The paper you've backed the shelves with is gorgeous, and I love the letters too.

The 'playing with letters' photo at the top is fabulous!

I have to say, you sound (and look) like you are super duper organised!

Linda. x :)

Tina said...

I love your craft cabinet makeover Minne, it looks fabulous! Love the turquoise and love the price tag. ~ Tina xx

Inspire my house pretty said...

i love this...its very cute x

My Hideaway said...

Very cute and colorful! Great job:)

shopgirl said...

Great job Minnie! The colours are fantastic!

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