Store tour: Jonathan Adler's colorful and funky world

It was, as they say, destiny that the Jonathan Adler store and I would meet. A little silly, perhaps, but I can't help thinking this because I really did just happen upon his store by accident. It's hard to believe since I'm a big fan of his decorating philosophy, but I had no idea that there is a Jonathan Adler store at the Fashion Island mall in Newport Beach. First of all, the mall is huge, the stores tend to be hugely expensive and I'm on a strict budget these days, but sometimes even a little window shopping can feel like retail therapy, especially when it's outdoors.

You can imagine my surprise when I walked by with my kids and immediately spotted the colorful interior.

Jonathan Adler speaks my language!

Elegant yet fun

Cozy to the max

Retro hip

Perfect dose of pattern

Feminine and flirty

Kid-size sofa with loads of style

A little over the top

for a girl’s bedroom, but oh so fun

Choices galore

You’ll want more than just one

Pretty housewares

See you again soon!

I should mention that the salespeople were absolutely the best, ever so helpful and friendly, allowing me to take as many photographs as I wanted. Their friendliness made my store experience a pleasant one. I would expect no less from a store named after a man whose manifesto says: "I believe that your home should make you happy."

These photos are really just a taste of the many Jonathan Adler products available, but I must confess that my favorite piece of Jonathan Adler is his first book, "My Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living." Obviously not a tome for the unhappy, but a guide for creating a home that makes you happy. He has two other books out, which I hope to get my hands on soon.

The Jonathan Adler store in Fashion Island is one of twelve in the United States. It's at 579 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, Calif. (949) 759-0017.

I hope these glimpses into Jonathan Adler's world brightened your weekend.



Amanda said...

Wow, what a fabulous discovery!! I love Jonathan Adler's ceramics and I can see lots of funky cushions in your photos I'd love to get my hands on!!

Heartfire At Home said...

I cannot ever describe in words how much I LOVE Jonathon Adler. The man is brilliant. I only hope we end up with his stores over here in Aus one day. I'd be in heaven!

Thanks so much for sharing this Minnie!

Linda. xx

Heather said...

Isn't it great? I went to one of the stores in NYC and was ready to move right in! Everything about the store just says, "happy"!
(Have a happy weekend!)

Torrie said...

Wow. I need to visit! I love that mall, and don't live that far. I will definitely go very soon (what a fun mall to do a little Christmas shopping in- esp. their big Anthropologie with a wonderful clearance section- which is the only section I can afford to shop in!).

The other day, I called Ryan and asked him if he could bring home 2 $5.00 gift cards from Starbucks, before he left his store visit. He said that they have really cool Jonathan Adler mugs and asked if I wanted him to get those instead (they were for 'book club' birthday & hostess gifts). I hadn't seen them and had no idea they were selling them. I'm so glad he suggested this because I love them! And it supports a great cause as well. Since he gets 30% off, were going today to get another one... or 2;).

Here's the link so you can see!

I will definitely visit that store!

Have a wonderful weekend:).

My Hideaway said...

I love Jonathan Adler! I actually have a couple of vases I bought many years ago before he became so famous (and his prices went way up). I think at that time he just had one small store in NYC. Anyway, I love all of his newer products too...just wish I wasn't so poor! Thanks for sharing these photos.

Inspire my house pretty said...

im in design heaven lol.....i so want to shop there!!!

bobbi said...

amazing shop. It's very much my kind of style because of all those colors!! I never get tired of bold colors. Then again, I love total white houses and pastel tones, but I could never live without a colorful home. I shoul own two houses, one as colorful as this shop and another one with calmer tones. When i'll be rich...

Jenn said...

I was so excited to stop by his store in Boston in October. It was seriously magical and fantastic. In fact, my husband and I are still talking about all the fun design ideas we saw there!

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