Bold grey interiors

Long ago, I wanted a black bedroom. It was more of a fashion statement than a design sensibility, reflecting the fact that I mostly wore black in those days (including black lipstick when my mom wasn't looking). This time, I'm craving dark grey rooms. I can practically hear my mom sighing, anticipating the onset of another "weird" phase in my life. But no, this time, it's because I think the color can make rooms look so stylish and cozy.

Can't you just picture having the best party in the room above? The dark grey walls are a perfect neutral for a hodgepodge of accessories. I'm so used to seeing all-white palettes with a punch of color here and there, but dark grey walls accentuated with just a few chosen accessories in bright colors are still unusual. Let's face it, it takes courage, or at least confidence, to go for such a bold combination.

The home above was designed by interior designer Abigail Ahern on a tight budget for her sister, detailed in a spread in the Irish interiors magazine House and Home earlier this year. The colors and style are consistent throughout the rest of the home:

If you crave a less eclectic look, take a look at a similar but more subdued color combination at a home that appeared in Country Living last month:

The bedroom really called out to me for its elegant vibe, but I was completely smitten with the dressing room below. Isn't it divine? The rug design is actually painted on. Again, the designer created these looks on a budget, which proves once again that imagination reigns over a sky-is-the-limit budget.

Even the kitchen is a dramatic yet inviting gathering spot.

Do you think you could live in either of these homes? Or, for starters, how about having just one room or a wall in your home painted a moody gray?

If you like the grey look, be sure to check out designer Abigail Ahern's blog, where just yesterday she posted the latest photos of her own home, shot for Instyle in Turkey. The home bears a similar color combination as the one she created for her sister.



Torrie said...

It's so funny. We painted my bedroom walls a pretty dark gray in high school (with black furniture)- and I loved it! Now, I do like it in all of the pictures, but I prefer more color on the walls! It makes me feel HAPPY:) (even if my house is a mess... well, not really:)

Jenn said...

We painted our bedroom dark gray -- and I LOVE it. I was super nervous, but it feels so warm and cozy + a little sophisticated. Which is a great combo, right? :)

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I'm so in love with colour at the moment. Gorgeous!

And you won me over with the Union Jack rug!!

I'm glad you liked the link party list.

I wanted loads in one place as a good resource. Feel free to copy it to your blog. If you want to know how just let me know and I'll give you a hand.

I'm your newest follower....


{ to be charmed } said...

These are beautiful pictures. I'm loving the gray and pink together.

Cheers! Elizabeth

bobbi said...

I love black, but my house is missing natural light, so black is out of the question. The last picture of this post is amazing. I love Abigail.

Heartfire At Home said...

My walls at home are a very pale grey. I love the darker grey look, and I've considered doing a room or a feature wall or two in a much darker tone... it's so warm and cocooning!

AND... just wanted to let you know you won my Hobbit give-away!! Congrats! Drop me an email to and I'll send it on its way!!

Linda. xx

CACHANILLA73 said...

Oh my... those rooms are gorgeous. I love those livings from the 70's with black walls and a wide arrange of pictures, they look so chic. I don't know if I would dare to have one though. One can only dream... '}

Minnie said...

Linda, Yaaay! I love winning giveaways. I'm sending you an e-mail right now. Thank you!

Inspire my house pretty said...

adore the first image esp the pouffe that looks remarkably like a big mop lol x

Kifus said...

Ohh I love grey rooms! They are so elegant and stylish and quite easy to combine with other colours. My favourite room here is the kitchen. Everything looks tidy against the grey walls.

My Hideaway said...

Grey walls are always chic. And black walls can be really fantastic too. You're right that dark walls make artwork and accessories really pop. And it's only paint after all; if you hate it, you can always paint over it:)

Kristin said...

I normally gravitate towards white walls, but that gray kitchen is gorgeous!

cinderella patch said...

Hi Minnie,
Just now responding to you... I had left you a note on BYW. would love to send you an email but for some reason can't find it. Love your blog and love this post. You are doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

We just chose a dark grey for the bedroom with white trim. It looks so chic so far, I love it! I am going to spray paint a lamp base teal with a white shade. I am doing white curtains. That is all I am sure of at this moment got to go frugal color hunting at area thrift stores!
Good luck !


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