Decorating with floral artwork in a modern home

When I first saw this photo:

it took my breath away. I'm not sure why, really. I've never been a huge fan of floral artwork or even floral prints on fabrics. Look around my home and you won't find too much in the way of floral anything. And yet, something about the photo really captured my imagination. When I look at the photo, I feel alive. Perhaps it's the way the scene is set up, as though someone is getting ready to welcome a handful of friends for a garden party. Maybe it's the juxtaposition of the outdoors with some unexpected indoor elements thrown in, like the chair upholstered in green velvet (reminds me of moss) and those deliciously luscious paintings.

Oh, yes, the paintings. The image of those paintings hanging on the wall was the one that lodged deep in my unconscious so that the next time I found myself in the thrift store looking through artwork, I began gravitating toward any sort of floral artwork.

First, I found these:

Then, I found these:

Then, I was drawn to embroidered pieces:

Finally, after amassing about a dozen pieces, I realized I didn't know what to do with my newly acquired collection. Oops! I had liked the original image, but realized the look was harder to replicate indoors without having my home look like a country inn. There's nothing wrong with that look, but it's just not me.

Slowly, I gathered ideas.

The above image from Better Homes and Gardens, which I found a couple weeks ago via A passion for beautiful things, really appeals to me because it marries modern furniture and colors like that chocolate wall with the softer, more colorful touch of the flower paintings.

The look above, via Martha Stewart Living, is another study in contrasts, this time pairing rather spartan furniture with the lush flower paintings.

The dressing area above, though more traditional, is rather inviting and quite feminine.

Photo by Antony Crolla for World of Interiors

Take a look at the fun assemblage shown above. I found it on Nibs, where the author writes that these are actually embroidered fabric swatches that have been framed. I'm completely enthralled by the choice of wallpaper (or is it paint?).

I see now my choices are rather limitless. All it takes is a little imagination.



Heartfire At Home said...

Minnie, your flower finds are absolutely gorgeous! I find myself with a bit of a 'thing' for embroidered pieces lately.... and whilst I'm not a huge floral fan, I do love the look of having them in a collection as they are in your pics above.

I particularly like the pic from Better Homes and Gardens with the chocolate walls, super mod furniture, rustic light fitting, and then the eclectic collection of floral paintings displayed casually in the background. The effect, for me, is striking and beautiful.

Love to find out what you do with your floral pic collection!!!!

Linda. xox :)

Torrie said...

You have a very nice collection. I am captivated by flowers in all forms. There is something very spiritual about them (and their colors) for me. I can see why it would be a challenge to display your collection, but the ideas (as you said) are really limitless. I look forward to seeing what you do as well!

Sharona said...

I believe your daughter might have a Liberty of London floral pillow. :) I did not know about your floral aversion. How interesting!

Shona Cole said...

oh I love that, I never thought of grouping tons of floral pics together like that. your blog is very interesting. thanks
Shona cole

My Hideaway said...

Great finds. I love the Martha Stewart pic and that striped wallpaper! It must be wallpaper, surely. Can you imagine marking off all those tiny stripes with paint?

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