Tour: Doors of Santa Fe

So many people fall in love with Santa Fe, but for me it wasn't love at first sight or even a torrid affair. You would think I would have at least become aware of my feelings at some point while living in Santa Fe for three years. But no. My love for Santa Fe developed slowly and caught me off-guard.

It wasn't until I had moved out and was unpacking my down jacket at my new home in Los Angeles that I broke down and cried for what I had given up. A new job had prompted the move to California, but my lifelong love for Santa Fe has taken me back many times since I left in 1996. This last trip, over Labor Day weekend, was to celebrate my 40th birthday (a gift courtesy of my mom and sister).

The door shown above is hands down my favorite of all the ones I photographed this weekend. Not only did the store sell beautifully crafted textiles, but the warm colors just drew me into the store. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford much inside, but I enjoyed seeing many colorful creations.

I used to pass this door many times throughout my work week, always slowing my step just a bit to give myself time to admire the craftsmanship of all the products displayed in the windows.

You can find murals on many walls in Santa Fe, but fewer on doors. This one was a surprise, on a side door that doesn't get much use.

As a book-lover, my heart goes pitter-patter just looking at these doors to one of the libraries in the city.

This little adobe structure caught my eye, reminding me of my first home in Santa Fe, a tiny adobe house with a front door so old that light streamed in through the wooden slats.

Of course, color is one of the features that sets apart the doors of Santa Fe. At first glance, Santa Fe can seem like a sea of brown adobe, but look closer and you are rewarded with colorful doors such as this one.

These doors lead to a popular local coffee shop, where students, intellectuals and others hang out with their cup of joe.

This one caught my eye because of the large shady tree in front of it. it just seemed warm and inviting, with its colorful window garden.

I had less than an hour to shop in this store, a rather large place with a little something for everyone, with vintage and new offerings in everything from home decor to cowboy-wear to kids' clothing. it was a rather eclectic but happy store, just like this mural on one of their doors.

I love the weathered texture on this door because, as always, I'm drawn to things that have endured for a long time.



Razmataz said...

Minnie, I love these images. I have never been to NM, but would love to do so.

I have missed your posts. Your home has inspired me for when we find a place in florida. I love the white with colorful art and pops of color.

Hope the kids had a good start back at school.

Your photo of yourself is gorgeous.!


Torrie said...


First of all- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Second, I've missed you and your blog, so I'm glad to hear from you! (I know it's strange to "miss" someone that we've never even met, but it's true!... I've checked in a couple of times- just to check and make sure I wasn't missing anything on my reader:).)
Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. I love the huge array of colors and textures on each structure. My Grandpa was from New Mexico, and sadly I have never been. I can completely understand you 'slow attachment' to it. Do you think you'll ever move back?

Heather said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had a fun trip. Santa Fe is such a great spot to visit, and how nice to have had the opportunity to live there!
Glad you're back!

Minnie said...

Hi guys, thanks for your nice messages. I've missed all my blog friends. And yes, it's strange to say that, I guess, but I think we bloggers understand how it can be with our regular reads and bloggers.

Torrie, Yes, I'm hoping my husband and I will retire there someday, at least part-time. I actually picked up some real estate magazines during my trip! :-) You should totally visit. I think you would love it. It is a beautiful, creative and down-to-earth place.

Chania, I'm so honored you would be inspired by my decor for your new home. What an adventure to be moving to Florida.

Heather, Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Kristin said...

beautiful pictures, minnie! i love doors too, and it seems that the more coloring, weather, unique details, the better! what a lovely glimpse into Santa Fe!

Torrie said...


Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your compliment. It truly made my day... and week. :)

brismod said...

What a gorgeous city. No wonder you feel nostalgic for it - so much colour, so much character! xx

christi @ grey umbrella said...

love these images. we want to retire in new mexico. love that place!

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