A sweet little reading nook

It's not as if my kids don't have anywhere to sit down and read a book. I mean, kids will sit anywhere. In the aisle of a toy store. My closet. The bathroom floor. You get the drift.

But when you want them to love reading, I think it's important to create a special place for them to sit comfortably with a book. It was in that spirit that we created a sweet little reading nook last week.

Previously, the carpeted area stood empty, a sunny place for us to do puzzles or play with Legos.

As you can see, my kids' new reading nook is right below the new little art wall I just wrote about here. Actually, it was the new art that inspired me to create this little reading spot for my kids. They enjoyed looking at the colorful new artwork so much that they wanted to put the paintings in their rooms. Instead, I proposed keeping these paintings in the family room to designate their own corner of the room for reading or whatever they feel like doing.

The best part is that I didn't go out and buy anything. The wicker chair had been looking for a good home after I bought it at a thrift store a couple of months ago for $3; the Anthropologie rug (a steal on Ebay a couple years ago) was moved over from another area of our house; the basket holding the books cost 35 cents at another thrift store; and the Bla Bla pillow pal has always been in my daughter's room, usually on her bed. Somehow, everything came together as if each piece had somehow been destined for this spot all along.

(By the way, please ignore those yucky looking child-proofing foam pads on the table in front of the window, but we've had a ridiculous amount of eye injuries from kids running into tables. And no, not while reading books!)

I am blessed with children who do seem to love reading as much as I do so they immediately began using their little nook.

They don't always sit in the little chair, but I'm thinking that merely having a chair there is like an invitation to slow down, pause and grab a book.

Really, it's quite simple to create a reading nook. All it takes is a little chair (or something soft to rest on as shown here) and a container for books. The rest of decorative touches are optional, but certainly do make the reading nook more inviting and cozy.

Remember, to see more reading nooks, click on the "kids' nooks" tab on the upper right or just click here.



Heartfire At Home said...

Minnie, what a lovely, lovely idea! So easy and yet so powerful and engaging. If only all children had a mum as interested in books as you are!

On another note... I LOVE the lamp I can see in the background. And, it goes without saying I adore the art wall too... I'm a huge fan of those. :)

Linda. xox

Christine E-E said...

I am enjoying BYW... You must get up at the crak of dawn if ou have already posted today. Mom's do that, huh!
Being an educator, I love seeing families embrace reading.... having a "reading nook" really models what you & your husband think is important.
There are a couple of bloggers who show a weekly children's book... You might find that fun to do... I'll look for the blog tonight & send you the links.
Thanks for stopping by...

Torrie said...


Ever since seeing this (sorry- don't know how to embed a shortened link!)...


... I have been wanting to create a reading nook. I love yours and you are so very right. It really is simple. I am going to "get on" this project- soon. :)

vanessa @ silly eagle books said...

I love this--all the little touches make it just perfect. The chair, the paintings, the rug, the bla bla pillow! And I love the nice deep basket. It made me smile to see your daughter reading Katy. It's one of our favorites, too!

Thrifted Treasure said...

It's a gorgeous nook, so lovely for kids to have a special spot to read, we have one in our playroom and I love to watch the boys "reading" their little books :-)

Tina said...

Minnie, I just absolutely love this! You are such an inspiration as a Mama, your children are so lucky (and gorgeous! I can't believe how much your little daughter has grown!). ~ Tina xx

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