A fabulous way to store books

To me, there is always something a little magical about a bookcase full of books. I always want to get as close as I can to inspect the books. I'm the sort of person who practically pulls out a magnifying glass if I see books in a magazine picture or online because I'm always curious what other people read.

But today I came across such an interesting "bookcase" on desire to inspire that I completely forgot to even look at the books. I simply stared in awe, imagining myself sitting in that chair and having so many books within easy reach.

Then, I went on a wild goose chase. The owner of the house featured on desire to inspire, which by the way, was pure eye candy and full of vintage items (see the house tour here), commented that the "bookcase" is a vintage nail bin. So off I went in search of one.

First, I looked through four of my local Craigslists. Nothing. I finally did a Google search and turned up a for-sale listing in Tacoma, Washington.

I'm thinking it's not quite as attractive as the one on desire to inspire, but I'll take what I can get. Except for the small matter that this nail bin is closer to Seattle than Los Angeles. I actually lived in Tacoma about 20 years ago, but I guess this just wasn't meant to be. Meanwhile, I'll stay on the lookout for one at my local thrifts.

Come to think of it, I already have a similar carousel in my office to store notecards and notebooks. It's from Pottery Barn, not vintage, but perhaps I could use it for a small bookcase for my kids' smaller books?

The bin carousel in my office

I'll let you know if it works out. Have you ever been on a wild goose chase like this?



Heartfire At Home said...

I'm absolutely flabbergasted.... that is SO GREAT!! I can't wait to see how it goes... what an amazing idea!

Your little carousel is great too. You could definitely fit smaller books onto that for the kids - they'd love it I'm sure.

And, I'm with you about books on other people's shelves. I really, really twist myself inside out to see the names on the spines... I love a secret peek at what they're reading.

Linda. xox

Torrie said...

LOVE this post Minnie. You are seriously becoming someone who I "wish was my real life friend!" (Don't worry, not stalking, just tellin' the truth!)

I love looking at other's reads. In fact, your side column has totally inspired me to add one of my own- soon. I really thought I was alone in this (or just plain nosey:). I ZOOM in on any and all bookshelf pictures, and often end up adding the books to my Amazon wishlist (as future [possible] reads!).

I am also that person who immediately upon entering someone else's home, I look at all of there pictures framed on the wall. Possibly annoying... but I love seeing their pictures- getting to know them better!

vanessa @ silly eagle books said...

fun fun fun!!! I LOVE this idea! Now I am on the lookout....

Minnie said...

Linda and Torrie, I'm so glad to see there are others out there with such an urge to peek into other people's bookshelves.

Torrie, You are so sweet. I feel exactly the same way.

My Hideaway said...

What a great idea for a bookcase! We just put together 3 large IKEA bookcases because we had "outgrown" many previous versions despite my best efforts (I've donated so many books and we use the public library too, but books just seem to multiply in our apt!).

Inspire my house pretty said...

such a cute idea....im on the lookout to and if i should find one in bonnie scotland i will even make an effort to ship it over:) x

Nuit said...

OMYGOD!!!!!!!! seriously this is GORGEOUS Minnie!!! lovely idea! your office looks fab.. Thanks for visiting me {my blog} over the weekend girl ;) xoxox

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