Can online design magazines fill the void?

Ordinarily, I'd sit back and let the bigger design blogs rave about the launch of the latest online design magazine. But with so many of our dearly loved interior magazines gone, I think it's important to offer our support to online magazines that have stepped up to the plate.

The debut of Rue, the new online magazine is scheduled for today! Check it out here. The sneak peeks looked quite promising and I can't wait to see the magazine in its entirety.

Oh, before I forget, Lonny is now offering a print version of their current online magazine. You can buy the 198-page tome here for $34. Or go to their new website and blog, both unveiled this week, by clicking here.

It's amazing to see all the online magazine offerings available today. I do enjoy curling up with a real magazine on my couch, but online versions certainly have their advantages. The fact that Lonny is now offering up a print version sounds promising. What do you think? Would you pay $34 for a magazine?



brismod said...

I probably wouldn't pay $34 for a magazine, but I do like the free online format. I just checked out the Rue sneak peek on AT and read all those slack comments. Odd that people still judge books by the cover! x

Razmataz said...

Hi Minnnie.

I am not one for online magazines. Although I will ponder them, print is where it's at for me.

Loved your bedroom photos yesterday. No wonder people want you to decorate for them. You have such a good eye.


Torrie said...

I do enjoy online magazines, but honestly have not looked longer than a few minutes, because I haven't found a great way to browse them yet. I seem to be constantly scrolling up, down, left, right- and it's a little time consuming! I am interested in Rue, however and look forward to spending more time looking through the premier issue. I did my usual thing (quick browsing) yesterday, and I did see some good stuff that I want to go back to... just need to figure out a convenient way to read it:), so that I'm enjoying the "experience" - as I would if I was enjoying an actual print magazine.

CACHANILLA73 said...

Hola Minnie!! It is nice to see you are back! we have missed You ;)... Hope you are much much better.

About the magazie no, I don't think I would pay that much. But I do like online magazines as much as a 'real' magazine.

Take care!

Un abrazo.

Heartfire At Home said...

Hi Minnie!! Just found your blog via BYW, and what a marvellous and beautiful blog it is!!

I love your template and fonts.

Also love the pics of your home down the side, and the 'poetry in a suitcase'. As a primary school teacher, these sorts of home projects are ones we live for!! If only all parents would do things like this.

I like online magazines, although nothing is quite the same as actually turning the printed page yourself.

I thought Rue was great (had been waiting for it for ages), and it was alot longer than I thought it would be (over 250 pages from memory!).

Glad to have found you!

Linda. xox :)

Minnie said...

Wow, you guys are spoiling me with such nice messages.
Brismod - The comments on the AT post are actually what motivated me to write this post in support of Rue.
Razmataz - Thank you for your compliment. It means a lot to me since I admire your own decorating and style!
Torrie - I am totally with you. I love Rue and Lonny but do wish there was some other way to browse again with all that clunkiness of doing it on a computer screen. And without having to pay $34 for an issue!
Cachanilla - You are always so sweet with your kind thoughts.
Heartfire at Home - I am off to check your blog. Your note has totally made my day today in so many ways. I so appreciate that you took the time to drop by today to check out my blog. Thank you. So nice to meet a BYW colleague.

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