Thrifting find of the week

I know musty old books don't usually qualify as the most exciting buy, but before you scroll on let me tell you why these brittle tomes so captivate me.

For starters, I paid a grand total of $2 for the set. The tiny eight-piece collection of the "Masterpieces of the World's Best Literature" was published in 1905. Yup, you read right. 1905. Hence, the tattered covers and yellowed pages.

What little gems they are. I can't help but wonder who bought the set way back then, and if they sat on a shelf or were lovingly read.

Here, I placed them next to a miniature typewriter I found long ago at an antique shop, so it's hard to tell that the books themselves are small, about the size of my hand.

Truly, I don't care that the bindings are loose and some of the pages look on the verge of falling out, but I am actually reading from some of the volumes. Very carefully, of course. Some of you may remember me waxing on about my life-long love for literature so, of course, these had to go home with me. Especially at 25 cents for each book. Unbelievable!

And if you haven't noticed, I wanted to let you know about a feature on my sidebar titled, "Thrifting treasure of the week," where I showcase a favorite thrift find each week. I decided this week to move it up higher in my sidebar. Here are a few past finds, in case you missed them.

Vintage toy sewing machine and old how-to sewing books.

A Mexican trunk.

Vintage educational toys

Vintage globes

Before I forget, be sure to stop by Thrifted Treasure, one of my favorite thrifting blogs, sometime over the weekend to enter a giveaway of The Nest Home Design Handbook.



Creamy White said...

Minnie, it is a real treasure what you found!
I'm sure you are going to treasure them forever.
Have a wonderful week enjoying your new finds!
Li XoXo

Thrifted Treasure said...

Hi, thank you so much for mentioning the giveaway :-) I would have been thrilled to find those beautiful old books too, I bet they were lovelingly read by whoever originally owned them, back then people held more value in such things, not the throwaway society that there is today.

gena said...

vintage ???? Really ????? Now I AM OLD !!!!! LOLOL !

I had that same exact sewing machine growing up - and my kids had those alphabet puzzles !!!!!!

I have a first run set of Bobbsey Twin books - those are vintage - not even I am old enough to have had THOSE as a kid - lolol !

thanks for sharing your fun finds !


CACHANILLA73 said...

Wow!!! amazing find Minnie..!!! I love to read, books can never be 'out', they are loyal friends.
The Mexican trunk is my favorite.. ;-)

Tina said...

Minnie, I love your books! What a bargain and what treasures!!! I love your thrify finds, you are so amazing at finding wonderful things! Enjoy your gorgeous 'new' old books, I love them!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend as always my lovely friend ~ Tina xx

Minnie said...

Aww, thank you all for such lovely comments. I don't feel so geeky about my books now. :-)

Gena, LOL! I, too, get a kick out of my childhood toys being vintage now, too. I wish I'd kept more of them to share with my kids.

Cachanilla, Yes, I think of books as my friends, too, for all that they give me. My kids probably get tired of hearing me say, "Be nice to your books. Books are our friends." They are so young and I'm trying to teach them to take proper way of their books.

My Owl Barn said...

Great finds! That tiny typewriter is killing me. It's so cute. Have a great weekend!

Razmataz said...

Minnie, Those books are such a great find and a great color to add a pop of color to your bookcase. Imagine 100 years ago, what a treasure they would have been.

I see you collect vintage globes also!

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