Serena & Lily: bargain and global goodies

The clean, crisp designs of Serena & Lily have long called out to me. What hasn't been so appealing are the ultra-high prices on their bedding and other accessories.

Serena & Lily's Freida collection, their latest addition

I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked on their website over the weekend after spying an adorable kids' ottoman in a Serena & Lily magazine ad. I figured the simple soft cube would run upwards of $100, but I loved it so much I couldn't resist looking it up. Further temptation awaited me when I discovered the ottoman, or rather the "square chair" as it is called, costs $45. Maybe not pocket change for many of us in today's economy, but certainly more affordable than most designer pieces.

The square chairs come in various colors

Serena & Lily's high prices had previously prevented me from doing much exploring on their website, but this time, I clicked away, finding all sorts of delightful wares, like this doggie pillow.

The stylish letter pillows are charming without being frilly, though a bit of a splurge at $59 each.

I did find that most Serena & Lily items were still rather pricey, but the sale section contained many lovely finds, including adorable fabric for $12/yard, down from $40/yard. My favorite from the sale section was a collection of stuffed toys, the perfect whimsical accessory for a kid's bed.

This handsome curduroy bear is $20, marked down from $48. A lamb and bunny are also on sale for the same price.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all was when I clicked on Serena & Lily's Bazaar section, aptly described as a place to "find your inner eclectic." I discovered all sorts of unique items from artisans all over the world. Bazaar products are those found by the designers and their stylists while shopping for props for their catalog shoots.

Honestly, I can't afford the $350 price tag for this stool, but I love its graceful curves and wonderfully graphic ikat fabric from Uzbekistan. I have a recently thrifted foot stool that is awaiting a dramatic makeover, perhaps inspired by this Serena & Lily foot stool.

I also enjoyed browsing the artwork featured in the Bazaar section, especially the more affordably priced woodcut blockprints from Brazilian artist Jose Francisco Borges.

This wool felted rug from Kyrgyzstan (a region which I talked about here) is also another stylish offering from the Bazaar section.

I enjoyed my online shopping experience at Serena & Lily so much this time that I know I'll come back again to see if anything fits my needs and price range in the future, especially now that I know the designer's web site is more than just pricey bedding. As a shopper, there is nothing more exciting to me than designer bargains (of course) and finding unusual wares that allow for a little armchair traveling.

Are there any designer web sites do you enjoy shopping just for fun?



Razmataz said...

I looked up your blog after you left a comment on mine and WOW. First of all the whole design is fantastic!. I loved peeking into your rooms. You have amazing art! and I love the way you use color. Happy to now be following your blog.


Tina said...

Minnie, it is so wonderful to see another post from you:) You are such a treasure in this world of blogging my dear! I have never heard of this brand before, (possibly because I live over the other side of the world!), but it is gorgeous and clever you for finding these great bargains:) Did you end up purchasing anything? Just wanted to say thank you for all of your lovely comments on my blog as always! I have been a bit overwhelmed with my study/family load this past week, but have meaning to say a HUGE thank you dear Minnie! PS - I am so very very sorry, I thought I had posted your heart, but it seems it got trapped in between some craft stuff which I have discovered this week. So it is in the mail first thing on Monday morning. Again, I am so so sorry:( Loved your post, and of course am going to follow the link, just to window shop of course:) Wishing you a wonderful weekend my dear friend ~ Tina xx

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