The search for a pull down world map

A tiny globe was one of the first pieces I bought for my son's room before he was even born. Same with my daughter.

Each globe was an inexpensive toy that cost less than five dollars so I wasn't trying to make a big style statement. I simply wanted my kids to begin learning about the world as we read about different countries in our books.

What I really craved was an oversize pull-down map, one whose details we could pore over as a family. Exhaustive, hours-long searches (yes, we journalist, obsessive-types can be a little crazy this way) yielded nothing, since I disovered these maps weren't cheap on Ebay, Etsy or in the shops.

Then, my search unexpectedly ended.

I found the map above after driving to the home of someone selling a kids' bookcase through Craigslist. The bookcase turned out to be too large for our needs, but was stored in a room full of school furniture and accessories, including a pull-down map. It was only $20, a bargain compared to a similar one for $250 here.

The map, which is in great condition, proudly hangs in the large hallway joining all the bedrooms on our second floor. I was worried my kids would try to yank it down, but it seems they understand its importance and haven't fiddled with it at all. The only time they touch it is when we all stand in front of it talking about the places we've visited.

I had originally planned to hang it in my son's room, but concerns about an earthquake causing it somehow to fall on my son's head nixed that plan. As it turned out, my husband and I love how it looks in the hallway, especially against the backdrop of David Hockney's Pearlblossom Hwy. print. We bought the poster at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles soon after our wedding, so it brings back memories of our carefree, post-honeymoon days.

The Offi kid's desk (an Ebay find) looks great here in front of the map, but I'm afraid my crafty kids will use it as a stepstool to throw themselves over the staircase so it goes back into my daughter's bedroom for now.



Tina said...

Minnie - can I just say that I have missed your posts so much:) So happy life is not so busy so that you can do wonderful posts like this one:) Love your pull down map and I think it looks fabulous in your hallway! I can just imagine how much your sweet children are going to learn having such a wonderful educational tool in your home:) Love it!! I also think that little desk and chair is just too cute!! Wishing you a wonderful week dear Minnie ~ Tina xx

Sharona said...

What a smart idea! They can start thinking about where they want to travel when they grow up!

Kristin said...

this is a great idea! i remember seeing Tom Hanks pull down a map to show his son where New York City was in relation to hteir own house in "Sleepless in Seattle" and thinking that it was a great idea. I'll have to remember this when we move into a new house that has room for one. Good find!

Heather said...

It looks great! Definitely worth the wait to have found such a good one! We had a globe at my grandparents house, and loved looking at all the different places we wanted to go!

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