Lusting for pink and gray

Perhaps because of this:

I want this:

The armoire is $100 on my local Craigslist. I showed it to my husband who is not a big fan of the color pink. Surprisingly, hubby said, "OK, let's go get it."

Me: "Really?"

Hubby: "Yes, you know you could easily paint the inside, maybe the same color as the outside."

Me: "What?!! Why would we do that? What would be the point of getting it then?"

Hubby: "Oh. Hmm."

Verdict: I'm waiting to see whether the price comes down. While I wait, I will work on getting hubby to see the virtues of having a pink armoire. While I wait, I may find another, cheaper armoire and repaint it myself.

For a great post on beautiful interiors with a pink and gray colorscape, go here. Are there any color combinations that you're craving right now?



Tina said...

Oh Minnie, that armoire is gorgeous! I love both the exterior and interior colour! Hope the price comes down for you. But you have the skills to turn any old armoire into a beautiful piece! Can't wait to see what you come up with:) I am really loving scandinavian greys and blues at the moment and of course my favourite colour combination of duck egg blue and white with a tiny pop of raaspberry red thrown in, predictable (possibly boring) but I like them :) I am off to look at the link in your post:) Good luck with your armoire hunt and convincing your husband about the pink!! - Tina xx

Heather said...

Hi Minnie,
Have you seen a blog called LIFE IN THE FUN LANE?
She treasure hunts for all sorts of furniture, and paints it and re-sells it. This armoire reminds me of something she would have done. I like the pink on the's such a happy surprise!

CACHANILLA73 said...

Love it!!! and love the idea, too, perfect excuse to go thrifting. I like the pink fridge in the link, sooo cute...


Hi Minnie
I followed your lovely comment right back to your blog...and I have read the first post and I am in tres like with you!

Hopefully you'll want to follow me, but either way, I'm going to follow you
I think it's the HOT PINK that got me...
and if my vote counts for anything...tell your HUBBY that he shouldn't pass up a PINK thing when he see it...because creative carmelina said so!
hope that helps your situation.
have a wonderful night

Kristin @ Contented Me said...

you MUST get this. it's perfection.

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