A dozen lovely pink interiors

Because it's Valentine's Day weekend and because I love pink (the hotter the better), here's a collection of lovely pink images lurking on my laptop, gathered from magazines from various countries.

House Beautiful

Pale pink walls paired with soft grey seating makes for a quietly elegant room.

House Beautiful

Soft pink offers just a hint of color for a serene and restful bedroom.

House Beautiful

This is a little country for me, but I like yellow and pink in the same room. I think I would switch out the floral fabric on the armchairs with a darker, more dramatic color or even a bolder, more modern floral.

Marie Claire Maison

Oh, what a divine wall color! I don't think my husband would let me get away with painting any walls in our home this color but just look how much drama and personality it add sto this simple kitchen.

Marie Claire Idees

This is one of my favorite armoire make-overs, so imaginative and fun. I'd love to see what the inside looks like. From one of my favorite and inspiring magazines. Did you know there's a Flickr group for people to showcase their creations inspired by Marie Claire Idees? Check it out here.

Sköna Hem

This could be a nice pop of color and accessory for a feminine bedroom or workspace.

Living Etc.

How's this for a great reading nook? A fireplace, soft cushions, great lounger, bookcase, and nice artwork. It doesn't get much better than this!


Simple but great use of color. The above image is from an older Rice catalogue. The Danish company is always a terrific source of color and decor inspiration for me, pairing bright colors and fun, quirky accessories to create happy and welcoming vignettes. Looking at their latest collection of spring/summer 2010 products is bound to brighten even the most overcast of days. Check out the catalogue here.


What a divine bookcase! I don't know if I'd have the courage to paint such a large piece of furniture this color but this photo makes me so happy, perhaps something about all the vivid colors coming together.

A bold graphic expressing what many of us will be trying to convey with gifts and other meaningful gestures this weekend! It's from here, the Paul Smith collection so it's expensive but could inspire your own crafty project.

Desire to Inspire

Oh, where do I even begin to express my love for this image. I just adore all the art on the walls and how the owner matched the bedding and wall color for a seamless pool of hot pink. Steamy, I dare say!

Country Home

Yes, my friends, I even have a picture of a pink laundry room! This pink striped wallpaper offers a nice contrast to all the silver utilitarian items in the room because, of course, even this workhorse of a room deserves to be pretty.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend!


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Tina said...

Oh I love these pics Minnie! I love the different pinks and I love that I have not seen any of these images before:) You are so great at finding unique and wonderful images, thank you for sharing them!! I am sorry to say I have not received your emails and totally understand about not putting details in a comment , so if you could please re-send your details to trubie@une.edu.au I would be so grateful:) I am starting your red 'M' tonight:) Happy Valentine's Day to you & yours ~ Tina x

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