Vintage items repurposed to create a home

You know how it goes. You're on the Internet and you click on something you like, you click again ... and again ... and again. Many clicks later, you realize an hour or more has passed since you last looked up from the computer.

I was doing some "research" on the ohdeehdoh website, looking at photos of kids' rooms to give me ideas on tweaking my own kids' room when I happened upon:

Ohdeehdoh often features beautiful and interesting kids' rooms but this one in Denmark really took my breath away. The room just seems so eclectic and fun, with so many unique and handmade touches.

Tracy Nors, the mom who decorated the room and is a mixed media artist, wrote some suggestions for more novice decorators: "For a child's room it is important to include the child at the ideas stage. Listen to what they like and what they can contribute. Children's own drawings and paintings can be hung on the walls or an image transferred to fabric and used as a cushion. They can be part of making garland or flags to hang around the room. This way, they will have a connection with it and love it all the more." (Read all her suggestions and ideas here.)

Image: ohdeedoh. I have three of these printers' trays just waiting for a reno and love the idea of displaying some of my kids' tiny treasures in each box.

Image: ohdeehdoh. A white shelf allows the bright colors on these vintage toys to stand out.

I thought of all the time we, as parents, invest in decorating our kids' rooms but wondered how often we call on our own kids to contribute their ideas and talents. I'm afraid I'm guilty of not doing that too often. Sure, I've hung my kids' artwork in their rooms and bought items at flea markets that they liked and wanted for their room, but have I ever asked their opinion on the overall look for their room? Nope.

I know my kids are only two and four years old, but, believe me, they already have definite ideas about what they like. This lady has some very smart advice, I thought. So, I wondered what else this mom had to say about decor and clicked on over to her website, Boboho, The Art of Interiors.

Wow! I found myself touring homes featuring these wonderful images:

Tracy's own home. To see a full tour of her home (and how her son's nursery looked like before it was converted into a little boy's room) click here.

To see a full tour of this home, click here.

The Boboho website is chock full of great links to websites and eco-friendly designers because, as I found out when I clicked on over to Tracy's blog, I discovered she's "addicted to vintage things and fabric" she hoards in a cabinet. She's a big believer in repurposing and renovating. A truly inspiring artist and mom in my book, don't you think?

Have a great weekend.



Tina said...

I have to say Minnie, reading your blog is one of my own private joys! You always manage to find the most amazing people and places to write about! I love this featured vintage bedroom - I can actually see so many similarities between Tracy's approach to decorating and your own! You are so thoughtful towards your children in every aspect of your life, even when you decorate, creating reading nooks and gorgeous rooms, just like Tracy has done. I think Tracy is a wonderfully creative Mum, but so are you dear Minnie! - Happy weekend to you my friend. I am off to have a look at the links you have so generously shared - Tina xx

CACHANILLA73 said...

Oh those ideas and decor are great!!

leslie said...

A fabulous post -I need to look at these images more as they are brimming with ideas and inspiration. Thank you for your supportive comments on my blog today -I really appreciate you stopping by.
Have a great weekend.

Tracy Lorna Nors said...

Thank you so much Minnie for this wonderful feature on my rooms and blog. :)
Yours is truly a lovely creative blog too and I will be reading from now on, can't believe I haven't found it before now.
Many Thanks, Tracy xxx

Minnie said...

Thank you all for the nice comments.

Tracy, What a delight that you stopped by for a visit. Thank you so much for taking the time to do so and leaving such a nice comment.

Tina, As always, thank you for your sweet comments and thoughts. They mean a lot to me, especially knowing how wonderfully creative, thoughtful and energetic (!) you are. I'm truly in awe of all your talents and ideas. Thank you for reading my blog every day. I so appreciate your support. A warm hug, Minnie

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