Gallery tour: arts from a castle-topped hill

Perched on the highest hill in Lisbon, Portugal, the Colorida gallery beckons to art-lovers with a beautiful setting and more.

Let's take a virtual tour through this gallery, which looks beautiful inside and out. Colorida is located in a building that is more than 150 years old, right in the center of historic Lisbon. As if all that wasn't enough to lure visitors, Colorida is also located next to the Castle of Sao Jorge. Really, I can't imagine a more perfect setting.

So, let's imagine we are roaming the halls here:

Maybe enjoying some wine and cheese with fellow art patrons.

But the main reason we're here is:

"Who is afraid of looking upward?" by Brazilian photographer Silvio Zamboni

The wonderful art. Beautiful and thought-provoking, the artwork is created by a roster of artists from all over the world.

Jose Roberto Moreira from Colorida wrote me in an e-mail a few days ago that the gallery is always on the lookout for artists from countries everywhere. He wrote that their goal is to exhibit original works of artists with varied techniques and styles, representing countries as diverse as Africa, South America, Canada, and Australia, among others.

Take a look at some of their other offerings:

Photographer Ana Rojas.

Painter Rocha Maia

"The Line of Mario Vale" by Mario Vale, a cartoonist whose creations offer commentary on social issues and other topics.

Watercolor painter Claudia Simoes

Photographer Renate Hartfiel

The gallery's website offers you the option of reading in four different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Go take a look and explore the work from their other artists.

All photos used with permission from Colorida.


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Tina said...

What a fabulous post Minnie!! What a fabulous mix of art and artists! Not to mention the gorgeous gallery building itself! I had never heard of this gallery before but am off to their website to have a closer look! Thank you for doing such a wonderful post on a fascinating gallery:) - Tina xx

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