A charming French boutique

LouLou Addict is a charming French boutique with the most exquisite things for kids and the home. The boutique is in Paris but also offers online shopping here.

Take a look at some offerings:

The shop owner is a mom, Cecile, whose blog is equally charming. It's in French so you may want to use Google to translate the site, but the photos by themselves offer a great peek at the life of a mom in France. Cecile opened her shop near the Bastille in May 2007 to share her love of decoration. Some of my favorite shots on her blog are of LouLou Addict's shop windows, which make me feel as though I'm right there in the 11eme arrondissement in Paris. Just click on "les vitrines" to see the shop windows.




Hi, I love all of these, especially those place mats. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. It's nice to discover yours - as a big traveler, I love the name!

Tina said...

Oh Minnie- you are a little bit of a bad influence on me (hee hee)! Giving the link to the online store could land me in all kinds of trouble as I loved these items!! Thanks for sharing :) -Tina xx

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