Studio spaces for creating lovely things

It's hard not to drool over photos of studio spaces where artists are churning out beautiful work. Perhaps it's something about seeing the beginnings of something lovely.


The studio above is where the magic begins for the creations of London fashion designer Alice Temperley. There, she puts together inspiration boards that look like this:

Temperley London

and inspire her designs:

Eventually, what all started as a spark of inspiration in her studio turns into a wonderfully unique piece of clothing, like this:

Temperley London

I always enjoy peeking into other people's working spaces, especially if they are writers or artists. I was thinking about this because I've recently come across wonderful studios that I thought you might want to check out.

Architect and clothing designer Martha McQuade recently unveiled a tour of her newly remodeled studio space in the basement in her home in Minneapolis, Minn. It took the mother of two boys about seven months to transform a dark, unfinished basement into a stylish and organized studio. Martha, who owns the shop UNIFORM Studio details all the nitty gritty in a great post on her blog with lots of photos.

But wait, there's so much more to see and read about this fabulously creative woman. You can read a great interview of her and lots of photos of her beautiful family home during a Show & Tell Home Tour at Cafe Mom. Definitely check it out.

Also, Livy of the beautifully composed blog, A Field Journal, recently wrote an artful post about how she carved a crafting space in a closet on a budget of $145.

For more inspiration, be sure to check out two magazines that offer great eye candy for those who can never get enough of other people's creative spaces:

"Where Women Create" features great creative spaces like this:

cloth-paper scissors' studios magazine offers a wider range of decorating styles but not all the studios are as detailed as others.

After viewing all these great-looking spaces, you may want to get to work to creating or re-organizing your own.

Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens and Country Living have great ideas for repurposing and organizing on a budget, especially with thrift items.

Other tours I've enjoyed of other people's creative spaces:

Crafter Christy Sheffield gave readers a behind-the-scenes peek into her craft studio earlier this year.

I saved the best for last. My favorite creative space of all belongs to scrapbooker extraordinaire and entrepreneur Ali Edwards, also a mother of two. Her stylish and super-organized crafting room/office is a great example of how to use vintage containers to corral the multitude of tiny pieces that scrapbooking requires. Hey, she has an antique gym locker in her office and it looks awesome! Go take a look.



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