A surprise for mama

What happens when a man and his four-year-old son go shopping? Maybe they buy a new toy car? Chocolate cake? Sporting gear? No, no and no.
Check it out:

A new dress for mama! From Anthropologie (my favorite store) and, most remarkably, fits me perfectly. My husband is great at buying me jewelry. From time to time, he also surprises me with coffee from my favorite coffeehouse. But he has not dared venture into the murky waters of buying clothes for me in our five years of marriage. Until now.
Imagine my surprise when he returned with our son, Aidan, from a quick trip to get the car washed and returned with this dress.
"We have a surprise for you, Mama!" my son exclaimed as he ran into the house. I expected coffee and maybe a muffin (I have a soft spot for muffins) but then he said, "It's from Anthropologie."
Yes, I frequent the store so much that my four-year-old knows how to pronounce it.
Then, he dashed into the bathroom. Suspense for me. A few minutes later, my son returned with a shopping bag. I looked inside and found my fabulously simple, yet elegant sundress.
"Wow!" I said to my husband, examining the dress and admiring the delicate gold crochet throughout the bottom. ""How did you know my size?"
"I asked him whether he thought a medium or a large would be better," my husband said. "He said a medium so that's what we bought."
"Him? I don't remember ever seeing a guy working there at that store," I said, puzzled.
"No, Aidan. I asked Aidan what he thought."
And that, folks, was my biggest surprise of all. Not the dress, which I love and can't wait to wear, but that my two favorite guys put their heads together and bought me exactly what I would have bought for myself.

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Kristin said...

Oh my gosh, that's just the loveliest thing. What a wonderful gesture. You are one lucky mama and wife!

Adorable blog, by the way... I am going to keep reading!

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