A little housekeeping is in order ...

I've been hard at work ...

Thankfully, I'm not talking about the kind of work that requires a dustpan. I just wanted to point out a few features I've added the past few days to the sidebar content.

Here's what's new:

Weekly finds: I read so many blogs and am inspired by so many of you out there that I wanted to share a few more of my finds via links on the sidebar. For example, this week's finds include links to a tour of Kate Spade's gorgeous and newly redesigned 5th Avenue shop, and to a fascinating story on a "madman" whose collection of poetry filled several ship containers. My goal is to offer you an interesting new blog, some eye candy and an interesting article on a weekly basis.

We love to read photo of the week: From my collection of photos I've shot of my family reading through the years.

Popular posts: These are the posts that get the most hits.

Thrifting find of the week: I am addicted to thrifting. My excuse is that I need to keep replenishing my kids' bookcases because they are such voracious readers. The truth is I enjoy the hunt for a great bargain and finding unique items for my home.

On our nightstand: Back by popular demand is the widget displaying the books that we are reading at the moment. My own books will remain there for a while since I tend to juggle three or four books at once, while my kids' books will likely change more frequently.

My journalism work: I've provided a few links to some of my past journalism work, including serious, in-depth project writings like "Women of Juarez" (survivors of violence), a more lighthearted travel piece, and a sample of the former twice-weekly newspaper column I used to write before my son was born.

Friends: I'm working on a new blogroll to reflect new friends I've made and am making in the blogosphere, as well as people I've never corresponded with but provide regular inspiration via their lovely blogs. If you're interested in exchanging links or buttons, send me an e-mail at mincanto@earthlink.net

And if I haven't mentioned it before, I welcome any submissions or suggestions you may want to make. Coming up soon is my latest installment in the kids' reading nook series and two new tours, all great eye candy!


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