Whipping up colorful, delectable treats

Blending organic ingredients into delectable treats is Sarah Magid's specialty. She does so beautifully, as detailed in her new book, "Organic and Chic," a tantalizing collection of cakes, cookies and other baked goods made with organic ingredients.

Sarah, a custom cake baker who lives in Brooklyn, signed copies of her book Saturday afternoon at the Anthropologie store in Newport Beach, a perfect setting for the occasion since Sarah writes in her book that she grew up in a small Southern California beach community. A warm, lively personality and impeccable style are Sarah's hallmarks, judging from Saturday's appearance, her personal blog and book.

Take a look at a few scenes from Saturday's event:
This was the scene that greeted Anthropologie customers on Saturday.
Sarah proves that you can be a mom of two young kids (Clyde, age 6 and Ruby, age 2) and still be super stylish! Of course, what else would you expect from a lady who spent 10 years designing shoes and acessories for the likes of J. Crew and Tommy Hilfiger before deciding to use her talents to create beautiful custom cakes? Here, she chats with a couple of the friendly and professional staffers at Anthropologie, where they made the book-signing experience a fun one.

Sarah took her time chatting with some of the people who bought her book, doling out a few basic tips on going organic while baking.

My favorite part about the event, which, frankly, made it possible for me to attend, is that children were welcome. A table was set aside for kids to fashion their own "no-bake, honey-peanut dough creatures," pictured on the plates here, from a recipe contained in a section of Sarah's book titled, "Children's Goodies."
Sarah and I talked briefly about the importance of cooking with our kids in the kitchen, which I've written about here and here.

My husband helped our two kids create a spider and a couple other critters using peanut butter dough, though it looks here like they were taking a break and enjoying a tasty cupcake, one of dozens baked by a talented Anthropologie staffer using recipes in Sarah's book.
I can't wait to try at least a couple of the recipes from Sarah's book in the weeks to come and blogging about it to tell you how they turned out. Meanwhile, do know that the cupcakes Saturday were a hit as I noticed Anthropologie staffers regularly replenishing the cupcake and cookie platters, beautifully styled, of course.

The cupcakes were so pretty that even my daughter, who usually eats everything with gusto, hesitated before digging in. In the end, every last morsel ended up in her mouth.



MyLittleHappyPlace said...

OMGosh! I am so living vicariously through this post! Looks like your precious daughter lucked out with Strawberry - my personal fave!

Jsph said...

Great Blog! I am so glad you enjoyed the event and you and your family were able to make it. Your kids were adorable and it made me happy that they LOVED the Red Velvet Cupcakes! =)

Thank you for sharing your pictures on your Amazing blog. Come visit us again soon!!

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