Walls to inspire creativity

A wall of inspiration has become the must-have "accessory" for creative types these days. Truthfully, the trend, if we want to call it that, has probably been around for years but has gained traction in recent years with the popularity of design blogs often featuring the inspiration boards of everyone from artists to ordinary people.

Image: The Guardian newspaper

I adore these rich brown walls, which forms a cozy background for the various artwork that serves as the inspiration board here. I'm hooked on The Guardian's series "My space," which features workspaces and other favorite rooms of people in the public eye. Here, they feature the London studio of jeweler Solange Azagury-Partridge. The photo below is the study belonging to writer Sara Stockbridge.

Image: The Guardian newspaper

I found the "My Space" series after following a link from a wonderful blog written by Lori Pickert. She delves further into the world of inspiration boards with a blog aptly titled "Inspiration Boards," where she has been featuring the images and items that inspire artists and others since 2007. The interviews are just as fascinating as the inspiration boards, which don't always turn out to be the traditional bulletin boards.

Take a look at these other images I found around the Web (and a couple from my magazines):

Image via Cafe Cartolina

Image: kikki.K in Australia

I'm not usually a fan of all-white rooms, but the predominant white palette above allows the inspiration board to become the focal point in the room.

Image via Bloesem Kids

Image via Desire to Inspire. Designer Amanda Nisbet.

The following photo is of a different sort of inspiration wall since it appears to be a bathroom, but I think qualifies anyway since the room is a place where the owner(s) obviously like to spend time relaxing or primping.

Image via Desire to Inspire. London designer Charlotte Crosland.

I think an inspiration wall could also be a bookcase hung or set against a wall, if it clearly has been styled to be inspiration as the artist creates, as in the following photo of John Mellancamp's office.

Image Architectural Digest.

Looking at the following four images makes me think that our inclination toward creating inspiration boards and walls stems from our childhood need to put up our favorite images. I know my kids, as young as they are, have created their own ad hoc inspiration wall by taping up their own drawings and taking care to display their birthday cards in their tiny kitchen.

Image: Milk magazine

Image: Milk magazine in France

Image: House Beautiful

Image: Côté Maison magazine

The following two photos are two stylish examples of people creating write-able wall spaces, usually in or near the kitchen, to feature their own creations.

Image: Living Etc. magazine in London

Image via Desire to Inspire

For literally more inspiration, I urge you to check out the "For Your Inspiration" blog, which features virtual inspiration boards featuring lovely arrangements of carefully curated items forming various themes such as "a tropical pool party" and (my favorite!) "a girl's reading nook."



Heather said...

These are great! I'm suddenly inspired to add a little flair to my messy bulletin board!

Scattering Lupines said...

Completely digging the neat and tidy clotheslines... and I would add a chalkboard wall to every room of my house if I could!

ChickenTikka said...

Great post, love the images!

Mug said...

VERY inspiring! I'll be back to peruse more:)

trinsch said...

lovely images! very inspiring!

on another note: i have been trying to email you, but for some reason my emails bounce back. do you have an alternative email address i can try? please let me know by email: trinsch@gmail.com

thanks a lot :)

For Your Inspiration said...

You are speaking my language! I love this post. Do you mind if I link to you on my blog?

Jill said...

Thanks so much for posting these pictures. I have wanted to turn my guest room into a place of inspiration just for me. I am decluttering tonight and buying a desk tomorrow!

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