To see the light, the glorious light

" 'I see the sun setting on a hill.
I will sing the light,' I say to myself,
feeling I am a poet already."

from "Self-Portrait at age 13" by Homero Aridjis (Eyes to See Otherwise, 2001). A two-time winner of the Guggenheim Fellowship, Aridjis is a Mexico City-based writer and environmental activist who is a former president of PEN International.

A setting sun, a colorful hot air balloon and outdoor music, all amidst the wonderful scenery of the rolling hills of La Cereza, a winery in Temecula, Calif. Needless to say, an outdoor concert was the highlight of our weekend. Here are some more scenes for you to enjoy from our Saturday night outing, an early celebration of my upcoming birthday and a rare adults-only outing for my husband and I.

Temecula wineries offer lush scenery.

The opening act set the stage for a memorable night.

The aptly named Hemingway Wine and Cigar Lounge Bar offers a small gallery of photos of life in Cuba.

Benise, the star of the show, delighted female fans by strolling through the audience with part of his band in tow, randomly hugging several women and one man as others feverishly snapped away with their camera.

He delighted me with a lively performance punctuated with flamenco dancing, a form of artistic expression that always awakens my soul with a passion.


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