The Swedish are speaking to me

Ah, clean lines and modern simplicity.

The Swedish seem to have a special talent for this. They are especially known for their deft use of white. Even though I'm all about color, the quiet beauty of an all-white interior does seem appealing. So off I went to the Skona Hem magazine website, knowing not one word of Swedish, but my lucky clicks somehow got me more goodies than I bargained for:

Let's face it, most family life takes place in the kitchen, not the living room. Look at all this sweetness, though you almost don't notice there is a big steel appliance in here.

A white, black and silver color scheme keeps the design simple and uncluttered. The lamp is not frilly or fancy, adding the perfect touch. I think I want it for my dining area.

This a great use of wallpaper, with two contrasting designs of black-and-white patterns. The little houses would be great in other rooms, too, but seems especially apt here in the hearth of the home.

I adore weathered furniture. Not just old and threadbare but with a character that suggests a story behind the piece and a patina hinting that someone loved it for years.

This is absolutely fabulous wallpaper! I'm not usually a fan of white furniture in living rooms, but I could be convinced if I had this wallpaper.

This is beautiful in what appears to be a random way that owners artfully arranged a hodgepodge of belongings. After all, isn't that what we all have anyway, an odd assortment of objects?

Oh, this looks like such a lovely spot to curl up with a book or just to cuddle up with one of your little ones.

A corner made special by the sculptural coat hanger and phone.

An old windowpane (?) repurposed into a bulletin board of sorts, with mementos hanging from it. This would add a touch of whimsy to any home.

This caught my eye because of the wallpaper, which looks like it could also be individual pages from a botanical book.

All these bright colors create a festive mood, helping us celebrate the joy in every day.

I might as well call this the wallpaper post, but seriously, folks, this reading nook is so stylish largely because of the wallpaper.

I can't decide if I like the Tord Boontje chandelier, but I have to admit it adds a special oomph to the room. The bed reminds me of one where the seven dwarves from Snow White might sleep since this looks like the beds I saw illustrated in a Snow White book I just read to my son.

A quiet, peaceful spot for a boy to do his homework ... or daydream.

Of course, you know I'm going to say this bedroom is perfect for reading. Those fabric wall pockets are great for storing books. A wall panel like this would go over well in California, too, since we always have to think about the potential for the Big One (major earthquake) striking so many of us avoid heavy objects over our beds.

There are so many pretty little vignettes scattered throughout this room. You will just have to go to the Skona Hem website to see more photos of this great home and close-ups of this room.


mamaloves said...

Love that funky wallpaper! The kids rooms with all that colour is just beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration.

isabelle said...

thanks for your visit of today and your sweet comments see you soon ...

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