Think pink...glossy pink

This street in Mexico is inspiring me to .....

get myself a nice piece of furniture with bright paint like this dresser in Brazil:

I'm thinking of a deep, glossy pink for my home office desk, a thrifted antique desk, which currently looks very much like the before of the dresser above:

My "after" shot of my desk would look more like this room in Italy, in pink, but a darker, hotter pink:

If all that wasn't inspiration enough, check out this piano, a piece with sentimental value that just wasn't cutting it for Design Mom's living room in their new home in the Boulder/Denver metro area.

Now suddenly her kids once again are interested in putting their fingers to the keyboard and there's even talk of a party. Check out how Design Mom did it here.

Bold moves sometimes call for a little extra nudging. For that, I highly recommend heading over to My Little Happy Place, an amazingly cool blog written by a mom living in Brazil, who details the step-by-step process of how she painted her dresser turquoise. She even gives you some tips on how to gain color confidence. Her posts are lively, sometimes humorous and always great to look at.


Jacqueline said...

These are soo pretty! I love pink. :D Have a wonderful week and love to you and yours!

Heather said...

Good idea! Go for the pink!

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