Deconstructing my baby's room

I rapidly threw all common sense out the window the minute I heard I was having a girl.

No boy hand-me-downs for my girly girl. I quickly sold my son's red "sock monkey" crib bumper and dust ruffle on Ebay, pocketing my earnings for custom baby bedding. The bumper and dust ruffle had pink. Lots of it. And it inspired the following:

Ah! Who was I kidding? The room was for me, not the baby. I see this now, a little too clearly, because the room looks like this two years later:

Reality check. The room I put together when my baby girl had yet to graduate from the bassinett next to my bed does not suit a very curious 22-month-old. Case in point, this week she climbed on my nursing chair, sat down on it and proceeded to rock to and fro so rapidly she nearly ricocheted right out of it and straight into her crib, all while laughing uproariously. Thank goodness I have quick reflexes.

This all means it's time to re-do the room. Sorry, hubby, but let's just call it a safety issue. For us design fanatics, let's call it what it is. A fun opportunity to tinker with decor.

I don't know exactly what changes are on the horizon, but I do know I want my daughter's room to be less rigid and be more inviting for play. Here are some images that are inspiring me at the moment:

All images via Desire to Inspire

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Jacqueline said...

I really like your baby room. :) But those inspirational baby room pictures are sooo lovely. I really like them alot. :) Thanks for sharing. And yes it's my first time here and i really like your cozy space. :) Glad i found you on our blogging class! Have a merry happy sunday!

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