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A corner of my home office

Four years ago, I left my job as news columnist in the stressful world of daily newspapers for a more challenging position: stay-at-home mom. Then pregnant with my first child, I had no idea of the seismic changes that awaited me in my new life.

Never mind that I didn't even know how to change a diaper. I figured if I could survive the pressures of writing about murder and other mayhem while covering crime, immigration and U.S.-Mexico issues throughout my 13-plus years in the news business, I would do fine with a cute baby at home. I was right about a couple things. I had a cute baby and I did fine. But not without a lot of hand-wringing and plenty of tears. And I'm not talking about the baby's tears.

Fast-forward to 2009. I'm getting ready to celebrate five years of marriage to my wonderful husband, Ross, and I'm now mother to a one-year-old girl and a three-year-old boy. There are still days when I wonder whether my parenting skills are up to par, but I've learned to embrace the challenges required by this lifelong journey of parenting.

Life as a mom in Southern California

Creating is an important part of our life

One of the most enjoyable aspects on this journey has been creating a home where my kids are comfortable, engaged and interested in the world around them. I've always been curious about the world at large. I remember as a teen reading news magazines detailing international issues such as child soldiers in Asia. Later, I used my Spanish-speaking skills to explore my Mexican heritage. And always, I'm trying desperately to hold on to the basic French I learned in high school and college by doing things such as driving cross-country through France.

All this, coupled with my never-ending reporter's curiosity, feeds my passion for creating a home with finds from throughout the United States and the rest of the world. I'm hoping that, gradually, my kids will ask questions about many of the items in our home and that these questions, in turn, will lead to greater discussions about who made these products and where. My dream is that my children grow up with a deep understanding of our own heritage and knowledge of the rich diversity of cultures worldwide.

My daughter's room contains finds that come from Peru, France and Guatemala

I should warn you that this passion of mine that I'll be blogging about is all-encompassing. It covers all the realms I consider important in creating a home: books, music, decor, arts and crafts, cooking, and learning.

Ideally, Mama Without Borders will be inspirational, informative, and innovative with original reporting as time allows. For now, I plan regular posts featuring a monthly column called "Dispatch from Home," my vintage/thrifting and Ebay finds, interviews of authors and artists, reviews of adult and children's books, recipes, photo compilations of homes belonging to artists and other creative types, and much more.

So, pour yourself a cup of tea or a cup of joe and join me on my journey!


Anonymous said...

What an interesting and helpful blog!
Can't wait to read more!

PaperdayStudio aka Katie Stephenson said...

I love seeing your work corner. It can help me to picture you working right there. ...A BYW friend here. I finally did my blog reviews. They (along with yours ) are posted in the forum. Forgive me for my tardiness. Enjoy Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Minerva!!! It's great to connect with you again.. Laura Castaneda in San Diego. I too am in a "mommy" world now.. only I am not able to stay at home. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Your blog and give giant kudos to you for doing this. WOW.

Martha said...

This blog is great! I have recommended to all my friends and I only wish you the best with it. You always had talent and this is a great way to showcase it. I'm very proud of you!!

Chez Le Pouppe said...

Fabuloso blog, un contenido extraordinario. Gracias por compartir tanta belleza.

Martha said...

I hadn't been on in a while. Your blog looks great. You're doing a wonderful job. I know you'll keep it up, even if it means less sleep.

Michele said...

Hi Minnie, Just wanted you to know I love your blog! Now I know why you gave me wonderful design suggestions. You are very good at it.

We are taking all suggestions seriously, so stop back and see how we progress...It will take time, and I'm also glad everyone seemed to really like the content..Most important...


Shona Cole said...

Minnie, (sorry I can't find your email so I am getting back to you via here) thank you for those poetry book recs. I will check them out on Amazon.
3 and 5 are such beautiful ages, they are so demanding, but their personalities are emerging. Filling them up with poetry can only help bring out the good things in them.

Anonymous said...

tres interessant, merci