Sustainable living south of the border

Los Angeles Times/Photographer Don Bartletti

It takes heart and vision for someone to comb through piles of trash looking for things they can convert into useful and decorative items.

This is just what husband-and-wife architects Alejandro D'Acosta and Claudia Turrent of TAC Arquitectos in Ensenada, Mexico do for a living and as a way of life. Check out this week's Home section of the Los Angeles Times for a three-part photographic slideshow featuring the couple's sustainable living approach toward architectural and interior design. Times writer Barbara Thornburg explains in the story accompanying the photos how even an X-ray of a broken clavicle becomes art in the couple's home, whimsically decorated with thrift store finds and other recycled goods often taken from trash heaps.

More than 30 photographs by the Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Don Bartletti showcase the couple's design projects, including their own home and wineries in the Guadalupe Valley region. The photos taken by Don, whose work often features Mexico subjects, are breathtaking shots depicting the landscape of the region.

The Times package is a refreshing read of a country ravaged in recent years by the violence caused by warring druglords. The story and photos are a reminder that the spirit of the people living there is one of resilience and resourcefulness.

Los Angeles Times/Photographer Don Bartletti

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