A literary feast for all the senses

Many families enjoyed a picnic lunch on UCLA's huge sloping lawns

Perhaps it's ironic that, at what has been called the greatest book festival in the country, most people were not sitting around reading books.

Or maybe not. Maybe the reason that so few of us at the Los Angeles Times Book Festival were reading books is because we were so busy celebrating books. There was simply too much to see, do, touch and enjoy. After all, it's supposed to be one huge party.

Here's a photo essay depicting some scenes from the festivities my husband and I enjoyed with our two little ones this weekend at the gorgeous UCLA campus:

Tens of thousands of people crowded the campus ...

... including this strange fellow! (believe me, even for Los Angeles, this is atypical attire)

DJ Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba (and my current crush!) ...

... who was the main draw at the Children's Stage with electrifying music (anyone who can get my heart rate up at 10 a.m. gets extra marks in my book)

Young folkloric dancers waiting their turn at the cultural stage

Some people braved the steps. I "chose" to push my double stroller up a mile-long ramp walk. (Eds note: My husband said it was not a mile even if it felt like it to me.)

Ah, until we meet again next year, lovely book festival!

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