(Over)indulging in my favorite things

Unbelievably, the weeks have sped by and I must confess that I've been overindulging in pretty much all my favorite things. Crafting, reading books and magazines, decorating, shopping the thrifts, spending time outdoors. Not much time on the computer as some of you might have noticed. I always forget how much more time I need to devote to the kiddos in the summertime. But I do plan to get busy with my camera this week since I have a few things I'd like to show you.

Meanwhile, do meander over to the latest issue of the online Australian magazine papier mache. Their latest edition is devoted to all things deco. It contains many pretty images and much to be inspired by in interviews with creative artists and others. The home shown in the photo above belongs to Barbara Hvidt, a Danish mom and co-founder of a beautiful children's label (Soft Gallery). I love the relaxed and stylish look that her living room exudes.

I hope you're indulging in more than a few of your favorite things as well.




Torrie said...

Hugs right back at you.

I forget too, and I think most do. I wasn't able to read my book this month (for the book club) and I got many, "oh, you didn't read it??" responses- not mean, just surprised. Most (except one) are women with older children, who I believe have forgotten what it's like during the summer months with the kids home!!

michele at hellolovelyinc said...

so nice to meet you, minnie. cannot wait to browse your beautiful blog which just radiates warmth and cheer.

thanks for such kind and helpful comments--i so agree!


My Hideaway said...

Minnie, I hope you're having a great summer with the kids! Thanks for reminding me about this magazine. I need to go check out the new issue:)

Jen said...

I'm in awe over that picture over the couch... simply GORGEOUS!!

Such a great little blog you have here. So happy I found it!

Happy Monday :-)

Inspire my house pretty said...

i have been obsessing about getting my livingroom finished over the last few weeks and now its mostly done im enjoying relaxing with the kiddies and making the most of the holidays before going back to work for two weeks then thats me officially on mat leave, cant wait x

Inspire my house pretty said...

hey minnie, thanks so much, ive not been on much lately either, just havent had time, look forward to reading your posts when you start blogging again, careen x

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