10 creative workspaces to inspire you this week

Sometimes, I'm raring to go once the week starts. Other times, I need to spend a little more time with my morning tea to get going.

Today, I'm excited and ready to continue all the creative projects I put on hold over the weekend because I've just spent some time looking through a most inspiring Tumblr blog called, "workspaces."

1. The creative workspace of artist Audrey Kawasaki, featured on Apartment Therapy, was originally a post on her own blog, which features several fascinating photos of her creative process.

Somehow, looking at others' creative spaces and process is invigorating, practically propelling me off my chair to get to work (or to stay in my chair if I'm doing some creative writing).

2. The sparse furnishings and accessories in the room above still convey a sense of style. Though I tend to have lots of things around me when I'm working, I know others prefer to have a less distracting work area. I wonder if the person working here lives here as well, or whether this is a working area conveniently outfitted with a place to rest.

3. Another a clean slate, another stylish space. Sometimes, I wish I could pare down my writing room to just a few things like in the room above, but I find myself constantly reaching for a book or some other form of inspiration near me when I'm writing.

4. The room above is more my style, with books and papers everywhere. Interestingly, this was part of a series of shots on workspaces that was described as a behind-the-scenes look at the offices of Martha Stewart Living. I guess I shouldn't be so shocked, but I always pictured everything related to Martha Stewart to be a picture-perfect ad for color-coded organization.

5. Something about the industrial look calls out to me, particularly in this sewing area, softened by a few textural objects here and there.

6. The photo above shows part of a studio belonging to painter Maj Kalfus, where vivid and colorful paintings serve as a beautiful backdrop while she's working.

7. When I'm actually working, my space truly looks like the one above, which belongs to chef and celebrity caterer Lulu Powers.

8. I admire the way someone in the photo above has carved out a tiny work area amid the bustle of a kitchen. It reminds me a little of where I blog.

9. Sometimes the best spaces are those that like they were composed organically, bit by bit, as the owner found things to make the space hers or his as in the photo above.

10. What a fabulous wall! Need I say more about the work area above?

If you liked the photos above, be sure to check out the workspaces Tumblr blog for more. I picked out some of my favorite interiors shots for this post, but there is so much more on the site, including tons of shots of famous and not-so-famous people.

I hope you have a productive week and you accomplish whatever work goals you have set out for yourself.



Razmataz said...

I love them all. I think because they all are so informal and full of interesting objects. Found not purchased.

Torrie said...

I love having tons of visible and reachable inspiration. It motivates and inspires me. Sometimes, just having a piece of the kids' artwork in front of me is the biggest motivator of all... serving as a reminder to STAY ON TRACK so that when they get home, I can enjoy them, and not be focused on all that I 'didn't accomplish'!!

Thank you very much for your honest comment yesterday. I have taken the exact same approach, and as you said, it has worked to some extent. Except when the activity becomes so unmatched with the eating (in other words, I started being very inactive and eating not-so-healthy). So, my choice now is to go on a very strict diet (which has worked well in the past) or increase my level of activity and eat better at the same time. I'm choosing the latter this time:).

Maya said...

Thanks for showing me that I'm a lot more like Martha than I thought! I love all the work spaces, especially the ones that are disheveled looking but artistic at the same time. Love your blog!!!

Heartfire At Home said...

Excellent - another good Tumblr to add to my list!! There's so much treasure over on Tumblr, I get lost in there for waaaaay too long at times (when I should be working!).

I love number 1 and number 6. I especially love those chairs in number 6, the cut out part in them is gorgeous. I also quite like number 9 although it's so unlike me as there's no colour. I think the branch on the wall goes a long way towards that - I LOVE 'tree' stuff!

My workspace at home is pretty teeny tiny, and at the moment (unfortunately), my computer sits in one of those cheap flat pack type desk units. Does the job, and fits everything well, but I'm looking forward to getting something with more character.

My desk chair is GREAT! It's soft pink, and sort of 'French looking', and I bought it at an antique auction for $40. Although it needs re-upholstering now because the bottom is kinda falling out of it - lol.

Linda. xox

Tina said...

I would love any of these fabulous workspaces Minnie! You have inspired me to go and 'tidy' the workspace that is our bedroom:) Hope you are having a wonderful start to your week ~ Tina xx

Carole said...

This is a lovely post Minnie. Looking at other peoples workspaces is always inspiring. I love the cluttered look but can't work like that personally. Even my moodboards are neat!
Thanks for popping over to Dear Designers btw. Your blog is lovely too.
Carole x

Radish said...

Thanks a lot Minnie. I am going to pin some of them. I have bought the somerset mag on artists work spaces and I end up laughing. Can I send you a picture of my laundry room studio?

Good blog.
I will be back, Sally

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