Where will you find color inspiration this weekend?

“For me, colour is the oxygen of life,” Italian fashion director Rosita Missoni.

I couldn't agree more with Rosita Missoni. Since the best color inspiration is found in nature, I thought I'd sign off this weekend with a shot of a flower shop that makes me happy.

For a long time, I've admired bloggers who make it a point before the weekend to wish their readers well. It somehow seems to make the blogger more like a real person and less like someone just putting out text and images. Today, I am going to start doing the same and plan to do so each Friday with an inspirational quote and photo.

I hope you find color inspiration and more during your weekend.




Torrie said...

I've never thought about the sign-off that way, but it is completely true! It's really like you do with friends at work, right? And I love the idea of having a simple post/photo of inspiration.

Just like when I saw this, I was reminded that I want to plant 'fall' flowers in our pots on our porch.

And when I see a 'Friday cocktail' post, well...

LOVE inspiration for the weekend:).

Minnie said...

Torrie, Thank you for such a great comment on my first weekend sign-off! Your comment brought back fond memories of my working days.

Leslie said...

What a fun photograph! I am also a huge fan of Reform School and try to get there once in a while for inspiration!!!
Have a great weekend!

Ann Marie said...

i love this challenge to look for color this weekend! will do as i venture out to the beach...

Honore said...

I'm in your BYW class and really enjoyed my first visit to your blog; I especially liked the reading nook post for the children; what a tremendous idea. And congrats on your new weekly post...the idea is quite inspiring.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

I love that quote, Minnie! Thank you for entering my giveaway, I threw the Minnie note in the big bowl, fingers crossed!
Have a happy week. xxx

Heartfire At Home said...

Hi Minnie, I'm a colour lover, so that quote rings true for me. How bland it would be if the world was all neutral.

The flowers are gorgeous, and I really like the colour of the wall behind them. I've used a similar colour, only quite a bit deeper on the bottom half of a wall in an older house I used to live in. (It had a wallpaper dado/border mid-way, and a warm buttery sort of colour on top).

Happy weekend!

Linda. xox

sally calligan said...

byw student and was reading the comments after the latest pod cast. With our small group of loyal followers, maybe we can become friends.

Bridget said...

Your picture is a perfect illustration of your quote, it puts happiness in my heart! What a delicious place, I would like to be here!!
Even if I love black and white, too!

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