Store tour: Handcrafted and vintage goods

The minute I walked into Reform School, I knew I would not be immune to its charms.

All sorts of handcrafted goodies beckoned everywhere, perched ever so stylishly on vintage pieces throughout the store, located in the trendy Los Feliz neighborhood near downtown Los Angeles. The store is exactly what I imagine it would be like to walk into a gallery created just for Etsy store owners, a sort of tribute to imaginative crafters and artists who bring beauty into our everyday life.

The store is owned by a couple of women, friends since high school who always dreamed of opening up their own shop. Above all, they believe in sustainable design and green living.
What could be more apt in such a store than organizing and displaying with vintage containers?

So many things caught my eye, like this row of globes all standing at attention atop a wooden bookshelf displaying a variety of wares. It was obvious that each item had been carefully considered and chosen, together forming a beautiful tapestry of handcrafted offerings.

My secret thrill was seeing so many file cabinets with drawers galore, since I have had a crush on these kind of cabinets for as long as I can remember. Perhaps the mystery of not always knowing what's in each and every drawer is the appeal for me.

Let's get a little closer, shall we?

In this case, this collection of library or index card holders displayed various notebooks. Let's take a look at another file cabinet.

And get a little closer again ...

Oh, the delights in this store were definitely a joy for anyone who loves unique items. I found myself studying vignettes such as this one:

Below, the sweet pillows seemed to be waiting patiently for its rightful owner to come claim them.

Yes, there was definitely plenty to peruse in this shop, including a variety of cards and journals.

Of course, I spotted a smattering of books here and there. Not surprisingly, some were ones I already had, like "Making Stuff for Kids" (excellent, crafts for and with kids of all ages).

This is also a home for artists of all kinds. I was smitten with the custom portraiture in the style of a high school photo by artist Nancy Julson-Rieley. Or if you preferred ...

a portrait of someone else all ready to go.

It was definitely hard to walk away from this store, since I kept discovering new things in every corner. A repeat visit is definitely in order.

The shop also hosts a photo club and offers some crafting classes. If you don't live in the area, the store has a web shop here.

Reform School is at 3902 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Phone (323)906-8660.



Razmataz said...

I really enjoyed that Minnie. My fabourite kind of shop...

Torrie said...

I live fairly close, and will definitely make it a point to go. I've never heard of it and love the story and concept behind it as well!

Bridget said...

I just discover your blog and it's a pleasure to wonder throw your choices, joy and creativity!Thank you!

Minnie said...

Hi Bridget,
Many thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a few comments. I appreciate it. And welcome!

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