This Vogue house looks like mine

It's not often that I find homes resembling my own while flipping through a magazine. Imagine my surprise when I was flipping through the January issue of Vogue and saw a living room that looked as "lived-in" as mine does most evenings. One belonging to a family that embraces Russian arts and aesthetic traditions no less.

Take a look:

OK, then. The photo might very well have been staged by someone very much in the know of how living rooms look like after two or three young kids have gone through them. Or not. I actually studied the photo and recognized several vignettes that I often see in my own home. A collection of blocks arranged as a city. A musical instrument in a corner next to the sofa. Books strewn about everywhere.

And that, my friends, is where the similarities end. This home, a brownstone in Brooklyn, belongs to photographer Charles Thompson and his wife, Olya, a Muscovite textile designer and former dancer. They have a newborn son and three girls, ages two, three and six. Take a look at the slideshow here and see the rest of their home, all picture-perfect down to the girls wearing matching dresses that blend in well with the decor.

Oh, and that photo above? It's the kids' nursery, not the family's living room. Here's the family's library:

So, what do you think? Staged or real?



Tina said...

Oh Minnie I loved this post - it made me laugh out loud!! My guess is staged...but if you want a real pic to resemble your own, then just ask and I shall happily comply ;) If you could be a fly on the wall in our living room at the moment I think you would get the shock of your life!!! My best friend's husband works for an Australian interior design magazine and since I found out about how they 'style' every room and vignette they photograph, I have felt so much better about my own home...very liberating really ;) Thanks for a smile, whether you intended to or not. Wonderful post, I just love your style of writing! AND never fear, 'real world homes' look like this but more naturally so:) have I told you how much I love your blog!!:) Happiest of days to you - Tina xx

Kristin @ Contented Me said...

That's their NURSERY?!?! Good lord, it's huge! I hate to sound cynical, but I think this might be a bit staged, no?

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