Saying good-bye to summer

Around here, our family tradition over the Labor Day weekend is to attend the nearby International Street Fair. I've been going to it since I was a young girl, always eager to eat a German bratwurst hotdog, watch Greek dancers and enjoy other goodies from around the world.

My husband has gladly adopted the tradition and now we take both our kids. A highlight this year was enjoying a rousing performance by the Irish band, The American Wake. It was while listening to this band that my four-year-old son looked up toward the sky and saw the colorful banner in the photo above waving among the tree leaves as the sun went down.

Something about the view captured my heart so I photographed it. It makes me happy to look at the photo and remember how we officially say good-bye to the longer days of summer each year.



Kristin said...

It's a really great photo!
Hope you had a lovely weekend. ;)

Heather said...

Good bye summer! Sounds like a fun street fair!
You're an inspiration...take a look at my blog for kudos to you!

Minnie said...

You are so sweet. Thanks so much for the mention. I appreciate it and am so glad we've kept in touch via our blogs. My favorite part about blogging is meeting like-minded moms. ;-)

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