More than just pretty storefronts

Yummy! These colorful skirts would be perfect for just about anything, I think.

Think about it. How much fun would it be to go roller skating wearing this? I would buy one of these for my little girl to wear anywhere she wanted, even if it was just to ride her tricycle around the block.

This pretty sight is a display outside sugar babies, one of my favorite stores in Temecula, Calif., a city near where I live. I've been spending a lot of time there lately rediscovering the many delights of downtown and beyond, so I thought I'd share some images of storefronts I shot that inspire me with their prettiness. (Not to mention that these stores have superb customer service and a great range of products!)

This scrumptious garden/home decor store is also a front for the Ms. Chievious Boutique, which offers clothing, jewelry and other unique items not likely to be found at a big department store.

The Stampin Post, what a perfect name for a scrapbooking/paper goods store.

Leah Marie Photography and bellagracelynn are one of two cozy photography studios.

Coming up tomorrow: A peek inside this wonderfully colorful store. I promise you won't be disappointed with my latest store tour.


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Merissa Cherie said...

Temecula has lovely stores with the sweetest store fronts! I need to visit Temecula next trip to California!

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